computer TV tuner question

I’ll be building a computer soon, and I’ve been planning on putting in the All-In-Wonder 8500 for its ability to allow your computer to act as a digital video recorder (like Tivo without the monthly fees). However, I recently discovered that the Geforce4 4600 is significantly more powerful.

So my question is: Does anyone know of a stand-alone TV card that can access TV listings and schedule recording (and record in MPEG-2)?

I use the AIW 7500, and it works good for me. I’ve having some trouble with the sound input levels, but I’m working on that. I suggest that you check here for some great information and advice. Good Luck

I remeber reading about a HDTV tuner card that recently came out. I would definetly buy that instead of a regular card.

I will see if I can find some link to it.

Here ya go