Computer USB problem

Hi all

I have a new IBM Thinkpad. I have decided to remove the recovery partition on the drive and just have one partition on that drive. I then installed my copy of Windoes XP Pro and I was able to get all the needed drivers from the IBM site…all except the Universal Serial Bus Controller driver. I can more than likely call IBM support but for now I want to see if I can get this solved from people here. In the Cotrol Panel, there is a yellow mark indicating that there is no driver for the USB.

Does anyone know where I can possible get a driver for this laptop? It’s a R series. Thanks for any help!

Have you deleted the branch listing for that specific USB hardware listing, and let the system look for the driver on the XP disk set once it re-discovers the hardware after booting up?

If so and this does not solve the problem do the following

1: Update the BIOS to the latest verison

2: Apply this H8 controller firmware update patch