Computer volume control acting crazy

Ack…this has been driving me crazy since yesterday morning.

I’m running a PC with Windows 98 and my speakers don’t have volume control directly on them; I go down and click on the volume icon in the tray if I want to adjust it.

As I was working on the computer yesterday morning, I noticed that the sounds seemed louder than usual. I clicked on the icon and saw that the volume was all the way at the top–at its limit. So I dragged it down to normal levels.

Five minutes later, it was at the top again. Another adjustment failed to do anything. And it has been doing this ever since. What could cause this? How can I fix it?

Thanks in advance.

Huh. I’m not sure why, but a restart I did just now seems to have fixed the problem with the volume controls. I restarted before with no improvement, but this time it worked…weird.

Feel free to delete this, mods.