Computer warning

I just got a message while on the Dope that my computer had several trojans etc. I clicked remove all, but keep getting the same message. Since I am not computer wise. I wonder why it didn’t remove them, even though it asked me to save, and remove. What should I do if this happens again? Thanks.

Chances are by clicking on ‘remove all’ you actually added more. Typical ploy of virus and malware.

Download Malwarebytes or Avast, or some other such and follow instructions. I’d suggest Avast, then do a boot scan with it.

Check out this sentence fragment in the OP:

They might end up kicking their computer across the room while cursing at it in Pirate English. Away wit yar scurvy self, ye curse-ed box o’ demons!

Alt-F4 closes the last window opened. I’ve pushed the power button sometimes. :slight_smile:

Get a virus checker and surf in a limited user account.

This is much more likely if you are computer literate. :smiley:

OK, to the OP. This is possibly bad. There are web sites, some that do this deliberately, some that have been compromised by hackers, that contain web code that does this. They cause a pop-up window to appear that is designed to look like a security/virus checker and to scare you into clicking various times in order to fix the situation. Sadly, the effect is actually the opposite. Your computer probably had no problem at all, but when you started clicking and authorising things in response to it, it actually did install a virus or other malware. So you now very likely have a problem.

The best think you can do is to organise to have someone that you trust with technical knowledge sort it out for you. This may mean paying a geek, or some technical support. Or whoever you get to do related stuff for your computer. But you must ensure that the situation is resolved, and do so soon. Don’t under any circumstances use the computer for anything secure (like internet banking, Paypal, eBay) until you have a clean bill of health.

Note that there is a sticky thread at the top of SDMB’s ATMB forum: If you get hit by malware on the SDMB that it would be polite to follow once sorted out.

Thank you all for your response. My computer seems to be running fine this morning and I never put any information on the Computer,nothing personal, I don’t order anything over the internet or go on ebay. Never use my SSN or credit card either. I use it for conversations with friends and family, and even that I don’t use personal things I don’t want the public to see. I do have Children who are computer literate,and they would come if I asked them,but they have busy lives and I try first to get things on my own.
They have put anit Virus’s on and programs to avoid Malware. The message was suppose to come form Microsoft, that is what concerned me.

Lots of malware comes disguised as ‘messages from Microsoft’. Since you mentioned that you ‘clicked OK’ on one of these, I’d suggest opening one (or all) of your anti-virus/malware programs and running a scan, just to be sure.

Hello there,
Use the ‘start scan’ button on this website-
depending on the speed of your connection it may take a while but to my mind it’s the best of the on-line scanners, the 'message from microsoft should only come from Security Essentials, ie your Internet prophylactic.

I recommend downloading and installing AVG’s free software Antivirus. However, you have to read very carefully through several of their web pages to ensure you select the free versoin, not a trial of the paid version; and you have be careful (like many other sites, like Adobe and Java) not to accidentally agree to download crapware add-on toolbars for Explorer.

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