Computers - external drives and drive letter assignment

I recently bought a DVD-R drive and an external firewire enclosure for it.
The problem is, that the device shows up on my device manager, but it wasn’t automatically assigned a drive letter.
Is there any way that I can assign a drive letter to my new toy? I have WinXP Home. Any help at all would be wonderful.

I’m not sure exactly how different XP Home is from XP Pro, but here is the procedure as I know it:

Go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management

In the Computer Management window, find the “Storage” section and click on the item “Disk Management”. This will bring up a display of all the drives on the machine, even ones that don’t have a drive letter or aren’t formatted. From there you can select the drive, right-click, and use the “Change Drive Letter and Paths” option to give the drive a letter.

Thanks, Daver914, that was how to do it!