Conan O'Brien comedy tour

32 cities, mostly major cities but a few smaller places like Tulsa

Ooh, he’s gonna be at Bonnaroo – that’s close by. But I really don’t want to go to Bonnaroo. What a choice.

Both Chicago shows are already sold out. Curses.

$148 for 2 balcony seats in San Francisco? Won’t be going to this.

Hey, he needs the cash.

I find this tour to be a decent idea to keep him relevant in the public. Will it do well in smaller cities? Will Conan get enough momentum from this to land him another late night talk show?

personally I hope he does well with it.

I’m sure he hopes he has a new TV contract signed before this starts next month.

Why pay to see Conan?? He was on the air five nights a week for over 15 years. I wouldn’t pay $100 to see him trot out the same stuff.

But what if the masturbating bear is there? You could see him masturbate in person!

There are bands and comedians I’ve been following for at least 15 years that I’ve paid to see. Don’t see the problem with it (though, as I said, I’m not going).

Yeah, I checked it out for Vegas and it was $240 with fees for back row tickets (2), no thanks. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Conezone, but there’s no way in hell I’m paying that much more to see him then I did for my (EBAY! So, way over face cost) tickets to Lady Gaga at the same venue last December. I was in the second row for Gaga and the tickets were not as much as Conan’s. Insane.

NBC owns that character so doubtful that he’ll be on tour w/ Conan.

Are you sure it’s going to be the same stuff? I mean, this is a show free of the influence of the FCC and the network executives. I’d be interested in going just to see what he does when left to his own devices.

The cheapest tickets available for the DC show appear to be the $250 ones in the cheapest of the premium “packages”. Curse my luck for not knowing about this until after work :frowning:

I hope NBC exercises their ownership. TMB should make a cameo on 30 Rock or the Today Show.

That’s true. This could be a big stretch for Conan. He never worked the clubs as a stand up.

Conan was a comedy writer and then host of his tv show. I doubt that he could pull off an hour of stand up. He’ll probably do a version of his tv show. A monologue, various skits and music. It’ll be tough if NBC has rights to his characters (the Bear, Triumph etc.)

From what I’ve read he’s going to do his TV show although I guess he won’t have guests, just more skits.

why can’t he have guests?

Some of the bigger cities might have people filming there and you can get those actors/musicians to stop by.

I think what he’s doing is testing new material, recurring skits, etc… for his new show.

But he has to pay the guests and I’m not sure he can afford to spend any more money these days. :slight_smile:

Minneapolis is apparently already sold out. At least, the regular tickets are. And I can’t afford $700 for a “meet and greet” package.