Hey Coco (Conan)! Your show hasn't aired yet and it already sucks.

TBS - Very Annoying
The fact that CoCo has consented to even ***do ***these commercials, yet alone allow them to be aired, is embarrassing. What a loser.

And PS, George Lopez? Moving to 12? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Getting bumped by Conan is humiliating… you should bitch and moan like CoCo did, and maybe YOU’LL get a nice payday and new show!

Conan O’Brian = Male Joan Rivers.


Not bad. What else have you got?

This thread needs more masturbating bears.

I believe you mean self-pleasuring pandas.

not much. Sadly, I was on the SD when I saw the 30th promo commercial for Coco the red headed monkey’s show today. O’brien sitting in a dark studio like a weirdo waiting for Monday wasn’t funny. It was sad, because I think it’s a lot closer to the truth than we all know.

If I truly cared about him, I would have put this in the pit. My lack of real interest in him caused me to type this less than epic OP, which didn’t muster the vitriol required for the Pit. I’m hoping someone else will pit him after his first show airs. I cannot bear to watch it.

Pour some sugar on me!

In all seriousness, I thought he was so hot in that desk-washing commercial, I now consider his show appointment TV.

I bet Conan O’Brien has a nicer watch than you.


I actually like the waiting-in-the-dark commercial. But then I like all the Conan commercials on TBS; they’re funny as hell. Even though I’ve never watched the show.

Can someone explain the bit with the stripper’s odd dance to me? Is there a famous Conan dance skit I don’t know about?

I never believed the rumor that Jay Leno was a doper.

'til now.

I don’t wish him ill will, I think there is a market for him, though it is MUCH younger than me, (College kids and seniors in high school).

Here’s a link to the Wikipedia entry (quoted above) and the official site

We’ll see tomorrow night :slight_smile:

Problem is, the demographic that watches late shows is very old. I doubt that he’ll be able to draw a lot of young viewers. Of course, since he’s on cable now, the bar for good ratings is set much lower, so who knows.

I’m gonna try to watch, since I usually catch Stewart on the internet the following day. But I’m notoriously bad at watching TV at 10:00 so I don’t know.

The way I heard it Lopez wanted to move to a later slot since it’s way better than being cancelled.

Ghod yes. Who knew a middle aged gawky bearded ginger man could be so hot?:o

Also having Conan’s show as a lead-in could help his ratings.

I try flipping from Daly Show during commercials ,only to encounter more commercials.