Conan O'Brien Suicide? Is this a joke?

Wiki is reporting that Conan O’Brien has committed suicide, is this a prank by one their editors, you think? No report on any news site that I can find, and I’m looking.

I just checked their article and I see no mention of a suicide, nor could I find it in the “Edit” history.

Do you have a link for where you saw it?

I don’t see anything on Google News.

Nothing up yet on the gossip sites - they usually catch this stuff first. I sincerely doubt that news is going to break on wikipedia.

Can’t believe I’m wasting my thousandth post on this grumblegrumble*…

On Wiki’s front page there is a link to Recent Deaths and I click on it when I have a minute. It had his suicide on there a few minutes ago, but it’s gone now, of course.
As for Wiki breaking news, evidently they were one of the first to note Anna Nicole Smith’s death on her Wiki page.

He jumped out a window, guilty about betraying Terrance and Phillip.

This reminds me of the time that I opened Orlando Bloom’s entry and discovered that he had been born to a small blacksmithing family, earned a blacksmithing scholarship to train at the British American Drama, Pastry Chef and Blacksmithing Academy, and broke his back in a terrible blacksmithing accident in 1998.