Owen Wilson attemps suicide!

I know it’s news broke in the National Enquirer, but I got there through Drudge. Damn… I never would have seen this coming…

If it’s true, I hope he pulls through.

Why couldn’t it have been Luke!

Dude, Drudge is one step below the Enquirer on the journalistic integrity scale.

You have a point.

Becaaaauuuuzzzzz… Luke has to go on to save the galaxy. And it’s against the Jedi code. Wait, I’m getting my Lukes crossed.

Because Luke is hot and Owen should have gotten that ugly ass nose fixed years ago but since he didn’t - well this wasn’t unexpected.


Link broken.

What about Variety?

You sure, it’s still working for me?

Still no good.

But they’re just quoting the Drudge and Nat Enquirer story. So there’s nothing there, still.

Hope it’s not true. If it is, I did NOT see this coming. You can never quite know what’s going on between the ears of even the most happy-go-lucky actor dude.

Googling “owen wilson suicide” brings up a lot of hits, but every single one is something like People Magazine citing The National Enquirer citing Star. Many reports, one very unreliable source.

There have been several blind gossip items lately about one of a famous pair of actor brothers being seriously into heroin. Speculation was that it was one of the Wilson brothers. It’s sad tho’, I like both of them.

ABC News?

He probably actually watched Wedding Crashers

Also cites Entertainment Tonight for part of the report, though.

I don’t think ABC would run the story unless they were pretty confident.

Jeez. If any of it is true, I hope he gets the help he needs. I feel bad for the guy and his poor family, going through all this.