Amy Winehouse is dead

HuffPost is reporting that singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in her home of an apparent drug overdose.

Such a waste of talent. However, I can’t say I’m surprised.

What a waste.


Got to see her perform in Chicago in 2007 and it was an amazing show. She still had her shit together for the most part at the time. Very sad about this news, though not surprised. What a waste of talent.

Damn. What is it about 27?

Just a reminder of how talented she once was.

Only 27 too, I thought she was older than that. Guess she joins the 27 Club.

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Dammit! I was going to post the 27 Club link!

“I cheated myself, like I knew I would.”

I agree, great talent, too soon squandered.

It strikes me that if you go that bad that young, you generally don’t get a second chance. Or if you do, it doesn’t take. Shame.

Wow - I was watching the Olso coverage on BBC and they broke in to announce that - holy crap! I thought I saw a story just recently that she had gone into rehab. Sorry to hear that - she was so young and talented.

:o Sorry!

She had one hell of a voice. It may be in bad taste, but it kind of pisses me off to see a talented person throw their lives down the toilet. Why?

Link to the BBC News story. Not much information yet, but they will probably update it.

She was never my cup of tea, but it’s a tragic waste of life and talent.

BBC just announced it. At first, I actually thought they meant she was killed in the Norwegian attacks! They interrupted their coverage of that for her death.

I guess if they try to make you go to rehab, you shouldn’t say “No, no, no.” RIP, Amy. Hope you find some peace. :frowning:

Yes, a shame. But not wholly unexpected.

Viva Adele!

Goddammit! I really enjoyed her music, and was hoping she could get her life together and go on to become a legend. She had it in her.

She could have yet done more great music but in a way, I think some artists contribute a lot because they’re deeply fucked up and highly likely to finish like this. We just get to enjoy them until they burn up.

I had a feeling she was going to make it through her substance abuse problems and defy public perception. Rest in peace Amy.

Add me to the list who didn’t realize she was so young.

I didn’t realize she was over 25.

Well she certainly made herself an object lesson. So that’s a contribution too, I guess.