Concern about a poster on this board

I won’t name the poster, but they are one of the most prolific over the years.

Their last time on the board was over a month ago, highly unusual. I’d sent a PM about an off board issue(long story) and then an email, and have had no response.

What, if anything, can I do, or should I be concerned. The poster may, for no explained reason, be taking a hiatus from the SDMB. But I’m worried.

Name the poster. Someone on the board might know them in real life. Or enough clues from their profile/posts could help track them down.

Same question here, but about a different poster. I PM’d him a while back, no word. Not sure I’m comfortable naming him just yet.

Baker, was that their last post, or their Last Activity?

The poster I am concerned about, his last post was June 2015. I’ve checked a few times since then and I see Last Activity always being recent to when I check, like within a week or three. Just now, his Last Activity is yesterday. Does that mean he logged on yesterday? Or, a device he has used in the past and has a tab in its browser open to SDMB has been used? Or other? Not to hijack, but what does that mean?

A poster has to be logged in for the Last Activity to update.

I had a similar issue a while back. One of my favorite people went silent “out of the blue” after posting regularly for weeks in a row. I was concerned so I did the PM thing. I didn’t have an actual email address so I left it at PM. About two weeks later I got a reply and everything was okay.

Short of asking a Mod for the email address, I did all I knew to try. In that case, it was the right thing to do, I believe. You might go that route if you’re really wanting to find out how the poster is doing.

If you know anything about the poster “in real life” you might try to Google the real name, and if you know the poster’s location you could try local newspapers.

All I can think of. Good luck!

A mod has responded to my topic here and I gave the mod the username of the poster, although I do know their IRL name as well. I’ll wait to see if I hear from the mod soon.

Oh, and their last post and last activity were on the same date, January 2nd.

Yes, but if you have your profile set to keep you logged on, and you don’t close the browser tab, that can stay active for some time without you actually visiting the page. But I don’t think six months.

This sounds like the case of poor chowder. The consensus was finally that he probably died.