Concern for the Libyan people

What would be the ideal IQ level to enable one to accept without question the current crusade to save the Libyan people from evil oppression.
Personally lil reminders such as half million Iraqi child deaths as a consequence of US and UK led imposed sanctions. The countless deaths in East Timor as a consequence of US, UK and Australian support of a facist Indonesian regime, and of course everyones favourite, Gods chosen doing their Old Testament genocidal thing against the Palestinians utterly supported by the usual lethal hypocrites. Its enough to make Hopalong Cassidy and Champion the Wonder Horse spin in their graves.

Uh, what?


I totally agree.

You know who else posted incoherent political posts? Hitler.

Wasn’t he that moderately-talented Austrian landscape painter?

I wonder whatever happened to him…

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Good “postername/ultimate fate of thread” combo.

Moving to IMHO from GQ. Though it could end up in GD or the Pit depending on whether the OP ever tries to defend some of the stated propositions.

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Godwin’s Law.


Two coats, even!

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I think it could end up in one of those if he could even *explain *some of the stated propositions!

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Some weird guy popped out of thin air and shot him with a gun that fired lightning. It was bizarre.

    1. Not one point higher or lower.
  1. Don’t look at me. I didn’t do it.

  2. They aren’t countless. You are just too lazy or bad at math to count them. Get to work, I suggest.

  3. Don’t be ridiculous. Champion the Wonder Horse doesn’t have a grave. At most, he would have been made into glue. And Hopalong Cassidy? Everyone knows he supported genocide.

Let’s try to make sense of the OP. One piece at a time.

Okay, this is pretty easy. Current policy on Libya is stupid.

Sanctions are bad. So we shouldn’t get involved in Libya.

Tough one. Does this mean we’re supposed to remain neutral or are we supposed to oppose the fascists? And who are the fascists in Libya?

So we’re supposed to support popular uprisings. Okay, but isn’t that what we’re doing in Libya?

Ummm…we need to ask ourselves what the cowboys of yesteryear would do in a situation like this? Really not sure here.

So the OP is telling us that what we’re doing is wrong because we should be either be doing more or less of it. Or staying the course. Or maybe switching sides. Or possibly singing around a campfire.

Alright, alright! I admit it. As a representative Merkin, I’ll cop to killing them all.

I did it. I did it all with my little knife.

Reminds me of Bloom Country; Opus in jail:

Opus: “So, ah, what are you in for?”

Hulking criminal: “I strangled Oakland.”

Opus: “So, ah, that’s one of those colorful criminal euphemisms, yes?”

Criminal: <making throttling hand motions> “NO. I strangled every single per-

Opus: “Guard! Guards! I’d like to leave now!”