Concern re raccoons by my 1940s suburban house

I saw a couple of raccoons hiding in the storm drain under the curb directly in front of my house. Should I be concerned? I have indoor cats and a (mostly) indoor dog.

I’ve also seen opossum in my back yard, but rarely.

Generally, raccoons stay away from humans and pets. If your pets are indoors, there’s little to worry about.

However, raccoons sometimes do carry rabies. If the raccoon is aggressive and tries to attack, get the hell away and call animal control. It would be a good idea to make sure your pets have their rabies vaccination.

I thought raccoons as a vector for rabies was an eastern phenomenon, and this
seems to support that.

It appears that skunks are more of a problem in CA than raccoons.

I’ve always lived in places that had storm drains, and the only time I’ve ever seen raccoons is entering/exiting said drains.