Concerning the board rules....

Almost a year ago, I registered here. I remember reading the rules of the board, but I do not remember what they all were. (They say the first thing to go is the memory. :D)

Anyway, how do I get to where they are all written down? The only one that I can remember for certain is “Don’t be a jerk”.

This brings up question #2. Who, exactly, decides the definition of “jerk”? I mean, if there are 15,000 members on this board, there are likely to be 15,000 different definitions.

To read the rules, log out and then click on the “register” link. Or try searching for “registration agreement” in ATMB. It’s been posted in answer to this sort of question a few times.

cheezit said:

That would be the admins and mods. As the agents of the *Chicago Reader,*which owns this board, their definitions are the law in these here parts.

Our message board rules are pretty easy to live by. I reproduce them here so you can read them at your leisure.

As far as what constitutes “being a jerk,” being in violation of our rules does it, pretty much.

Whatever you might do that would detract from the message board experience for others, that’s being a jerk.

Not treating your fellow Teemsters with the same sort of consideration you would expect and deserve, that’s being a jerk.

Not paying attention to what moderators and administrators tell you, that’s really being a jerk.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to send me email and I’ll do my best to straighten out the situation for you.

Happy reading!

your humble TubaDiva

Here’s the rules for the other board I post at most, code of conduct

  1. The Terms & Conditions of apply in the
  2. If you disagree with someone, argue a response do not attack the person.
  3. Don’t insult someone’s race, character, heritage, religion, or sexual orientation. We don’t tolerate hate literature, so no links to sites that contain racially or ethnically offensive material.
  4. Don’t disrupt the flow of discussion with vulgar or sexually explicit language, abuse, or harassment.
  5. You may not impersonate an member, an moderator, or an employee.
  6. If you must swear, use the comic book exclaim: £$%^&*. Anything else will not be tolerated.
  7. Don’t post things that are illegal. It’s illegal.
    See how tight they edited it? Now it’s hard for anyone to say they didn’t read and understand it.

And yet there are many posters here who’d like us to make our membership agreement more detailed. Whaddaya gonna do?

Also, the ezboard folks, don’t actually have to moderate their boards. Thy leave that to the individual forum/site owners. Those rules are meant to be a blanket, not site specific.

You’ve also forgotten all these rules:

So, we have ours with 688 words and ezboard’s with 2716 words. Tell me again, which of these is too long?

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Also, coming up for air, note rule one:

What do you think the odds are that everything included in the SDMB rules and more is covered under “The Terms & Conditions of” but left out of the “ code of conduct”?

Actually the ones I quoted are site specific.

And you have completely clarified my point:
No one reads over a screenful of boilerplate.
Do I believe a single soul read all of the EZboard stuff? No. Do I believe a single soul read all of the SDMB stuff? Also no.
But everyone read the few key points listed above.
Why? Because it’s not a time-consuming chore.

If you have problems with people not reading the ton of rules, then the answer is not more, but fewer.

Let’s reverse that logic.

If people have a problem with reading our rules because they’re too long (it’s not like you have to read them daily, right?), then they might not be the sort of posters we’re looking for anyway.

Seriously: this board requires a lot of reading time no matter how you look at it. What harm does reading these rules do? How long does it take? Five minutes?

Call me confused, but I really don’t see the problem here.

Sorry to sound like a pain, comin’ up, but I read the whole rules when I joined up and again, just a few minutes ago. They’re not too long for me, and I suspect that this board attracts many people who are fairly literate.

Why the other day I saw someone say in a post that they were going to visit a library to look something up. Books! - how quaint!

With no slur implied or intended upon Coming up for air and specifically excuding him (and the other posters in this thread) from the next comment:

Doesn’t it seem like in general, the only people to quibble about the “don’t be a jerk” rule are the ones who are looking for a loophole?

“Don’t be a jerk” covers so much. Spamming? Jerk. Indescriminate flameing? Jerk. Posting your ex-girlfriend’s phone number with a “Call this number Hot Chicks” header? Jerk. Not constantly telling Fenris what a wonderful poster he is? Jer…no…wait. That’s another topic entirely. :smiley:

Seriously: To paraphrase some Supreme Court Justice who’s name I should remember: I can’t define a jerk, but I’ll know one when I see one.

We don’t need fifty pages of Dungeons and Dragons style rule minutae when a reasonable person can simply sum all the minutae up in one simple, elegant sentence: Don’t be a jerk.

Chief Justice Fenris

You put that with a statement that the mods are the Refs of this game, and they interpret whatever isn’t spelled out, and they cannot be overruled, and you’re done.

BTW, here’s the rules at Fathom. Short and sweet.

I’m most easily confused over the “copyright” thing.

There doesn’t seem to be any good guidelines as to how much is too much.

Just for example’s sake, Uncle Beer’s post above seems like a copyright violation to me. But I could be wrong…but how do I know for sure?

I think it would be interesting for an actual copyright lawyer to pay us a visit to share some REAL guidelines.

Seems like most of the time, people are just guessing.

You can find the US code, title 17 (copyrights) here (and you can search for “fair use” on the right side of the page), and some examples of fair use cases are available here.

However, it should be noted the owners & operators of these message boards are certainly free to tighten the screws further if they wish.

The very first thing we say is “Don’t Be a Jerk.”

What’s easier than that?

If you can’t read more than a sentence before getting bored – or worse, if you read it and don’t comprehend – maybe this ain’t the place for you anyway.

your humble TubaDiva

Interesting choice of words, e.g. Websters ‘jerk’:

1 : a single quick motion of short duration
2 a : jolting, bouncing, or thrusting motions b : a tendency to produce spasmodic motions
3 a : an involuntary spasmodic muscular movement due to reflex action b plural : involuntary twitchings due to nervous excitement
4 : an annoyingly stupid or foolish person
5 : the pushing of a weight from shoulder height to a position overhead in weight lifting…

Other similar words:
"Main Entry:jerk

Synonyms FOOL 1, ass, *damfool, idiot, jackass, nincompoop, ninny, ||schmo, ||schmuck, tomfool

Schmuck is kinda better cause it has fewer meanings.

Apples and oranges.

SDMB – 13,407 members / 58191 threads in total, 1094525 posts in total

fathom – 678 members / 4855 threads in total, 69196 posts in total

All due respect and all that, but it’s much easier to ride herd over a smaller board.

your humble TubaDiva

And just for the record, Opal has made it very clear that she’s well aware that the size difference is the reason it can be a more “open” board, and she and several moderators over there have indicated that privileges (like editing one’s own posts, for example) that board extends that this one does not are subject to their not being abused (as would likely happen within 24 hours here if editing were enabled).

Man, I just keep finding stuff to answer in this thread!

As I’m you’ve seen by now, I edited Uncle Beer’s posting to link to the ezboard rules. That’s how we prefer to see citations on this board.

And no, we’re not guessing. We are guided in our policing of copyright by the Chicago Reader and their attorneys.

Whatever you or some outside lawyer or anybody else might think is the way for us to operate, we are always ruled by the corporate entity that grants us the right to run this site in the first place.

your humble TubaDiva
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