I think I'll spend my $14.95 elsewhere...

I’ve never posted on a BB with so many incomprehensible rules and policies. Don’t bump a thread over three months old? Not allowed to edit a typo or add anything to your post? Geez. Yes, I’ve been told the ostensible reasons for these rules, but I don’t buy them. I post on other BBs where we do these things all the time-- we even bump “classic” or favorite threads periodically because it’s fun and the newbies may not have seen them. (Thread titles such as “Oh dear, my panties are caught in the garbage disposal” and “I Love E-Z Cheez” spring to mind). Simple policies such as quoting a post to which you are replying (and you seem to have the technology here) can make it not matter if someone edits to retract statements once there are replies (and in fact proves their duplicity), which I understand is the basis for the no-editing rule. Not allowing the majority of posters to edit a typo or correct a fact because a handful of other posters misuse the edit feature hardly strikes me as an effective way to Fight Ignorance.

The moderators seem a much more oppressive presence here as well, bordering on power-crazed control freaks. I’m all in favor of moderators joining in the discussion and grateful when they shut down threads that turn nasty, but … here it seems you PAY to be micromanaged. Well, maybe some people enjoy that :wink: As for me, I just had a great idea… I’ll take my $14.95 and donate it to that other BB I was just praising so much-- which, by the way, is FREE! :smiley:

Don’t let the door hit your ass, etc.

If those other boards are working out for you, that’s great.

This is true. I think it’s sexy. I’ve got a thing for uniforms, too.

See ya.

It’s a shame it didn’t work out for you, but you do realise that thousands of members don’t have any such problem with the rules right? They’re not that hard to follow, and I feel the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. I also find the members here are, on the whole, far more intelligent, knowledgable and interesting than on most other boards.

Your post shows a serious lack of class - criticizing a thriving community because their rules don’t appeal to you? Well love, we don’t care. I think the majority have spoken and they’ve said “We like it the way it is”. Those of us who are happy here will stick around even if we can’t edit our typos, and we won’t be shedding tears because those who think too much of their own opinions didn’t want to stay.

Oh, and I forgot-- the sophisticated intellectual repartee here is WAY over my head.


Yeah, we get that alot.

Have a good time on your preferred forums, but do everyone else a favor and don’t drag out your exit. It’s tasteless.

Your point in starting this thread was what exactly? Your post will change nothing and your continuing presence when you said you were going to leave is a bit disingenuous.

Wouldn’t it have been much easier and expedient to just leave without drawing a bullseye on your forehead?

While Principessa may not be a sterling example of this, I continue to believe that the $14.95 fee is a little steep for many people to decide to pay after only thirty days’ posting access. I guess we’ll continue to see, though.

Bummer of a birthmark, Carl.

Forgive me if I have offended those of you who like it here… I’m not criticizing you at all! Perhaps I misunderstood what the “BBQ Pit” was for . I take it I have broken yet some other code of honor, and should have slunk away in silence? It’s probable no one DOES care, but there’s the remote possibility some administrator may be interested in what I didn’t like about the site. But probably not.

Only a few of the mods are power-crazed control freaks, like I love all mods.

Edited by mod, 11:28 pm CT. Reason: inappropriate content.

But Aesiron is right. Even I (who have been a member for a mere six months or thereabouts) have heard all these complaints before. I imagine the old-timers are even more sick of it than I am. I hope you change your mind and stay, but if not…well, I hate long goodbyes. (The “mod edit” is fake. I don’t want to get in trouble with power-crazed control freaks, so I thought I should make that clear.)

Principessa your post has opened my eyes. I feel so dirty … and so used. My soul is a crumpled, soiled Kleenex[sub]TM[/sub] overflowing with oppressive mod spooge from their mind rapes.

I agree with you about no-bump; that’s pretty anal.

The trouble with editing is that someone could delete their entire post. Then you’d have a headless thread. This happens quite regularly at IMDb. I don’t know what a good solution would be.

Yes, that sounds like a fun board culture. SMDB tends to be more hardass and uptight.

Yeah, it’s an uptight board environment. People get warned and whatnot for apparently random reasons all the time. If it were up to me, I’d bad the obvious trolls and trouble-makers at let people pretty much do what they like. I also think this is why we’re starting to see many posts starting out in the Pit, since it’s a kind of “free speech zone” where you can cuss and so on.

Here’s where I gotta disagree. Access to GQ alone is certainly worth the fee to me. And there are a lot of good people, so I put up with the anal retentiveness and mostly just go with the flow.

Ditto. I have exactly three friends who would all make wonderful posters here. Smart, witty, and liberal to boot. Not one of them would consider the price of admission, though, before saying forget it.

(I really hope this post goes ignored and this attention whoring dies properly. Just wanted to say, that is all)

Besides, the classic “E-Z-Cheez in the panties” thread on the other board has suffered grievously from her inattention. I think we all know that to stand aside is the only moral thing to do.

You know, that’s the first time I’ve ever thought of it that way. That does seem a bit steep for someone who’s had no real interaction with the people here. I now question the logistics of the fees a bit more now (yes I’ve read the explainations).

IMO, if I (considered an ass by some) can behave the way I do with only one warning to my name, how the fuck hard is it to stay within the guidelines? I hold back almost nothing, make some stupid remarks, and host a few dud threads. I’ve yet to cry though.

As much as I’d love to frequent a board where some shut-in web geek flames me in chat-speak, I find solace in the ability of the mods here to quell such wastes of bandwidth.

Be a Principessa on your own board, with their own rules. I find it laughable that your “barb” would hope to cause any hurt or change. You did get the typing practice though.

If you could flame-out I’d appreciate it, I love the pretty colors.

Flame out?

Is her palm flower blinking?

The admnistrators might be interested, but the problem is that most of us come to this board precisely because there are such a set of strict rules (even though I disagree with some of them). It makes this board vastly superior to any other I ever came across. Without them, I’d probably post on some random french board where nobody is ever called upon the bullshit he posts, bad faith is rampant, flame wars a permanent feature, etc…IOW 99% of the message boards out there.

Without these rules, most regular posters would leave the boat ASAP, and indeed nobody would pay to register. So, I don’t think it would be a smart move for the admins.