Concerning Voicemail

This is kind of trivial for GQ so I’m putting it in here. I left an, er, ill-advised voicemail message about an hour ago. I’d love, love, love if there was some kind of way to delete it from the recepient’s inbox before they listen to it. Really. I seem to remember hearing that there was a way to do this, but that could be wishful thinking…
:o :o :o
I know this is a long shot.

They all pretty much have ways to delete messages remotely, as long as you have the code to do so. I’m guessing you do not have the code, so it seems pretty hopeless. Sorry.

You could try the George Costanza maneuver. :smiley:

You mean the only way is if I had his password…?

Try “bosco”

You all mean to tell me I’m going to have to deal with the consequences of my own actions???

What’s the point of all this technology, then?

Yes, unless

  1. You know what system/machine he uses
  2. You find out some kind of security flaw that particular system/machine has that you can exploit, like a default code that he may not have changed.

Sorry, I don’t know any other way.

That sounds kind of illegal anyway.

I was just thinking how there wouldn’t be a better man for the job than George Castanza. (and I haven’t even seen that episode)

If it were on an actual tape, that would work. But the message was on his cell phone.

Hmm, well at this point I’d say you’re pretty much screwed. So you might as well share with us what it was you said so we can at least crack jokes about it. It’ll soothe your embarrasment.

Yikes. Sounds like your only option is to try leaving another message to do some damage control. It’s too bad that you’re in this position. I hope things work out for you!

For what it’s worth, I would advise against that. It will most likely result in something like the bit in Swingers. (or like George Castanza. Do you really want to be like George Castanza?)

I realise I’m nosy, and I’m sorry, but i NEED to know what the message said.

If your too embarrassed to tell the truth, at least make up something juicy to sedate me. Please.

Leave more messages. Don’t try to apologize or explain the first message.

Go over the top.

EG If the message in question was an angry one, leave a series of increasingly angry message. By the end, you should be shouting, foaming at the mouth, and blaming this man for inventing spam and putting the hole in the ozone.

If the message was sexual, use the same approach. Your voice becomes more and more aroused as the fantasies become more and more ridiculous. “An then (moan) Ozzy Osbourne (pant pant) plays happy birthday on a xylophone while (scream) Don Knotts covers my entire body in (moan) duct tape!”

Or, just leave a series of extremely passionate messages in a variety of emotions. The first message, whatever it was, becomes the slow and subtle lead in to this wonderful joke.

bubble pop electric, did you drink and dial?

(and DocCathode your idea is utterly brilliant.)

Thank you. I realize I should have been clear, I meant that as a serious suggestion.