Concert tickets

Elton John tickets went on sale today for concerts in November…November, 2019.
Let’s see, at NHL sized areas, which is where he’s playing, seating in the low-mid teens of thousands probably means gross ticket income of close to $2 million a show. Invested for a year, means a nice extra chunk of change. I wonder how many people will order tickets & either move in the next year (if signed up for delivery) or change jobs (if they use their work email address) & therefore will have issues with getting their tickets next year? I’ve noticed the window between ordering & concerts getting longer & longer but this is the first one I’ve seen that’s more than a year away.

That’s on top of the per ticket & per order fees, if your one of the ones lucky enough to get the small percentage of tickets that scalpers don’t get. The one that gets me is the extra charge for me to print tickets at home. Seriously, why is that a charge if I’m using my printer & my ink?