Fuck you Tickets.com

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are coming to town. I am a huge RHCP fan. I decided to buy the tickets for six of my friends and me. The ticket price is $40.50. We figure that we’ll be charged approximately four or five dollars in handling charges because that was how much we were charged for some tickets we bought in April through another ticket company. Boy, was I wrong.

WHAT IN THE HOLY FUCK IS THIS! $370.75 for the purchase of 7 tickets! Let me break it down for you.

Tickets: 283.50
Convenience Fee: $54.25
Facilities Fee Exclusive: $14.00
Subtotal: $351.75
Order Processing: $19.00

Total: $370.75

This comes out to 52.96 per ticket.

Why in the fuck did we have to pay twelve dollars more for ticket to a concert you leeching sons of rabid whores. The convenience fee wasn’t enough (Why is there a convenience fee? I thought buying through the Internet was convenient enough. Did they somehow make the purchase more convenient for me) they also charged me a facilities fee exclusive……a wha? AND a motherfucking order processing fees!

I shouldn’t have bought these tickets but we all really wanted to see the Chili Peppers. They hardly tour anymore so we didn’t want to pass on this opportunity. Fuck you tickets.com and your fucking monopoly.

I am so fucking pissed at these assholes. I’ll post more details about why later, when I’ve cooled down.

So, now that I’m calmer let me add to this rant.

When I was placing the order they said that I had five minutes to complete the order. I saw the total, I freaked out and called my friends. They said get the tickets. I hit submit and they said that I had taken more than five minutes. I had to fill out all the forms again and place the order.

In my haste, I failed to notice the shipping options. I hit submit and I assumed that the default was will call. It was not, the default is Fed-Ex which costs $15.50!

I don’t know how heavy these tickets are, but I assume that they do not weigh as much to warrant a charge that high for 3 day delivery.

This sucks. I called them and they didn’t care, they said I had to pay it.

I’d rather never go to a concert again than give these bastards another dollar. Fuck them!

I feel your pain.

In fact, i felt your pain last time i bought tickets to an Orioles game and had to pay $25.75 per seat for $21 seats.

Except my wrath was directed at Ticketmaster.


There are some strange sexual perversions on the internet. Fuckyoutickets.com?? Whatever next…

I just paid $187.50 for three tickets which cost $52.50. I feel your pain. There was just no way in hell I was going to miss seeing G3 in concert. I think that’s why they can get away with it. People like me who are addicted to good music are sometimes willing to pay almost any price.

This is what I like about living in the city. Whenever I want to see a show at the Garden or on Broadway, I buy tickets at the venue for face value.

Ticketmaster is the devil.

Agreed, Ticketmaster and Ticket.com are the very devil. I have taken a solemn oath never to buy anything ever again from these shower of shit companies* until such time as they charge reasonable fees, and would encourage everyone to do likewise (preferably by buying direct from the venue, although I realise this is often a massive pain in the arse). This sort of milking would not occur in a business that was not fundamentally monopolistic; there is no way in hell that a 33% markup should be necessary, as they were charging to see Blackalicious here in London. Raaaarrgh. Oh, and we should ask the venues not to sign stupid bloody exclusive deals, goldarnit.

*I have a Tom Waits exclusion clause but he’s the only one, and only if it’s the absolutely final option :-).

If you don’t order them online the convience fee is a bit less.

What made the decision more difficult is that they aren’t selling the tickets at the venue, or at that’s what my friends said. I haven’t had time to check.

We were going to order over the phone but we thought it would’ve been cheaper online.

Well, at least the Flaming Lips and Mike Watt are opening. I really hope the Chili Peppers have the greatest show ever! We definitely are paying for it.

The ticket companies should be charging the fee to the client to handle the sales of the ticket, not the consumer.

I refuse to go to a concert anymore, partly because I am not paying extra money to have someone sell me a ticket. Would you buy a pair of shoes from someone who charged a salesman fee?
Same difference.

I fucking you ticket!

Of course, if/when they decide to do this, the result will be something like this:

Current situation:

Ticket price: $40
Convenience Charge: $6
Processing Fee: $4

Total: $50

Future situation:

Ticket price: $50
Convenience Charge: $0
Processing Fee: $0

Total: $50

If the ticket agencies charge the venue or the promoter, they will just pass the charges on to the customers anyway.

The best thing is when venues run their own websites for selling their own tickets only, because places that do this often charge only a very small fee, or no fee at all.