Concordes commercial flights

Someone was telling me that they are thinking to bring back the Concorde flights. Is it true?

Richard Branson wants to have a go.

British Airways are considering allowing their Concordes to appear at air shows but not for commercial flights.

Virgin Airlines have offered to buy their planes and keep them going commercially but BA won’t budge. To say that they and Virgin have some negative history is putting it mildly, so chances are they’d rather put them in the crusher than let Virgin operate them.

The Air France Concordes are already starting to appear in museums, so I doubt there will be any stay of execution for them either.

Sounds to me like they are shutting the doors for good.

the following is a quote from ta story at :
"LONDON, England – Hundreds of Concorde fanatics will have a chance to enjoy the lifestyle of the rich and famous before the supersonic aircraft retires, British Airways said. "


"BA’s last commercial Concorde flight will be on October 24 when the jet makes its final voyage from New York to Heathrow. "

I also heard that fare on these flights was tripple the usual fare on regular flights. True?

Could you elaborate on this?

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The closing date for the competition was July 20th.
Oh well, don’t suppose I’d have won anyway…

Here’s one article about it.