Condo Association Fees

My vacation property is a condo.

I have pointed out several critical items of preventative maintenance that the board has ignored, and instead of costing 300 dollars for maintenance of a pool cover, we are about to lose about $5,000 (U.S.) because they failed to make repairs to the pool cover. Essentially, the board never followed up with the pool company to have the proper padding installed along the pool cover at the coping.

In our meeting minutes, it is documented that the lack of the padding would see our pool cover shredded.

Guess what? The very expensive pool cover has been shredded along the edges where it meets the coping since it lacked any proper padding.

So, instead of 300 bucks being sucked from the normal maintenance budget, we stand to have a surcharge of $300 per owner for repairs, on top of regular monthly fees.

I would like to put the money in escrow, protest and/or sue the board members.

What are my options?

Don’t know where you live or what your HOA docs say, but mine provide for immunity for board members when they act in good faith. Being dumb isn’t bad faith. I’d guess you have no choice but to pay up.

I’m guessing they could put a lien on your condo, for unpaid assessments.

If your board members are idiots, the proper recourse is probably to elect new board members.

I’m guessing the chance of success here is comparable to that of suing an elected official because his policies resulted in something undesirable.

IOW, low.

The best advice you’re going to get here is “see a lawyer.” We have a policy against asking for legal advice here, so I’ve closed the thread.