My condo is falling apart

Old water damage.
$1500 of damage has escalated into $5100.

I’m losing my mind.
1 day of work = 3 days, now.
I have no leave days left at work.

Ah, the joys of home ownership!

I find that when anything is busted, broken, disintegrated, worn out, missing, or otherwise nonfunctional, I tell the bearer of bad news to skip the explanation. Just gimme the bottom line.

And disregard my screams or crying.

I’ve never owned a condo, but I thought one of the upsides is that the cost of maintenance is shared.

The upside of renting is you pays your money, you don’t gives a damn! I loves it!

Over insure.

External maintenance like gardeners( usually covered by HOA fees )or a new roof( usually special assessments for a big ticket item like that )is shared. Maintenance cost for issues internal to the unit generally are not. Need a new bathtub - that’s on you.

I believe the saying, when it comes to condos, is that you own (and pay for repairs on) everything inside the drywall.

I suspect that you mean fully insure. Overinsurance means insuring something for more than its true value, and it’s a waste of money. No insurance company will ever pay out more that something is worth - that would give you financial incentive to destroy/damage your own property.

Even fully insure is not good advice without qualification. Insurance is priced for insurance companies to make money, so in general your expected return from any form of insurance is negative. The best plan is usually to insure only large risks that would be devastating, taking into account your overall financial resources. With smaller risks, in general the amount you save in premiums by not insuring will offset your losses in the long run - insuring small purchases through “extended warranty” and the like is usually a bad idea.

this is my understanding. I rent a condo from the owner; it was summed up to me as “The management company is responsible for the structure and the exterior, I’m responsible for the walls, floors, and utilities, and you’re responsible for your stuff.”

Damage is from external leaks.

The leaks are fixed, but what did I know about waster damage?


Could you describe the water damage?

Also, I agree with Beck. I’ll insure more than the minimum policy, often much more. It usually doesn’t cost me that much more and then I don’t hear, “well, we don’t cover fires covered by toasters, just all other fires” or whatever bullshit.

Mushy wooden floors.
Visibly decayed wood.
Damage to struts.

Those cases, where the damage is internal even though the cause is external, are the sorts of things condo boards just love to turn down. My advice: if the board does turn down your claim, hire a good lawyer. If you have to take them to court and you win, they’ll have to pay your lawyer’s fees*. Be sure you have all the documentation about when the leaks occurred, when you reported it, when it was fixed, and so on.

*Downside, of course, is that if you lose, you have to pay. Is arbitration a possibility?

Wait, there’s external and there’s external. Do you mean from completely outside the building or outside your unit but inside the building (e.g.: a neighbor’s unit)?

I made the semi-joke about a condo owner having to take care of repairs on anything from the drywall in. Over the years I’ve seen many people asking about what happens when it’s the actual drywall (or insulation/wood behind the drywall) that’s damaged. Especially since water damage to drywall is nearly always from an external source, be it a neighbor with a flooded bathroom or a roof leak.
I’d follow the other advice, talk to the board, then get a lawyer.

I don’t own a condo but I’ve looked into them.

I thought the condo association was responsible for the exterior and the roof but also anything ‘within’ the walls. Meaning the plumbing, electrical wiring, etc.

So if the plumbing went bad in the walls, they’d take care of it. If the plumbing broke on your sink, its your problem.

Is that not how it works generally?

The problem is when the plumbing, inside the walls, damages the interior of your condo. They’ll fix the plumbing, but you can expect an argument when you try to get them to repair the damage.

My brother had an ice dam on his condo turn into a leak inside his walls. Ruined the carpet in a room. Condo board didn’t have to do anything :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I feel for you, Bosda. Water damage is extremely frustrating, in any type of home.

Had a sweat joint in the between floors area (common area) cut loose and blow a yard square hole in my bathroom ceiling.

8 years in court with the condo association

Depends. Not only did our condo association fix our water-damaged drywall, they also forced the neighbors to remodel their bathroom. Their bathtub had cracked.