Condoleezza Rice Needs A New "Do"

She reminds me of Olive Oyl all right? I know she’s a mover and a shaker and I think she’s dead on, but I mean damn!




I think dreads would be cool.

I somehow doubt that she would, however.

A Republican with dreads!?!?!

It’s the unexpected thing in life that delight us…

I think little baby dreads would be excellent.

I don’t know. I’d kinda like to see the look on Yassir’s face if she strolled into their next meeting sportin’ an Angela Davis doo.

[sub]Re: Condoleezza Rice needs a new “Do”[/sub]

She can do me any time she wants to. :smiley:

People buried in the world of academe and government have one thing in common: they’re usually 20 years behind times when it comes to style.

The U.S. State Department is a case in point. You go to any given overseas post and you will find bouffant hairdos, pageboy hairdos, pleated skirts, pantsuits, polyester, you name it. I remember one woman who wore nothing but these things that resembled that get-up from “The Sound of Music”. It was one of the few amusing aspects of working for those shitheels.

Condi’s a babe. She doesn’t need to change a thing.

Some Lady of Rage style Afro-Puffs could look pretty dope…or make her look like Mickey Mouse.