Condom Machine Blasts Into Orbit. No Astronauts Involved. Newslink

Who the Fresh Hell does this?

He then won the Darwin Award.

You just know that alcohol played a part in planning that little theft.

He got stiffed.

Reminds me of the Viagra shipment that was stolen by a gang of hardened criminals.

Living in the land of the asshole idiot puritans, it makes me happy, sad, and gobsmacked that there’s a condom machine just sitting out there on the street!:eek:

Yes, one day America will become enlightened, and we will be able to buy condoms openly at retail outlets like drugstores, supermarkets and convenience stores (few outside the country realize that in our current Puritan culture, condoms are only available by prescription to married men, and then only with permission from their clergymen).

But the wife has no input. In fact, she should object as it would be a barrier between her and her wifely duty except, being a woman, no one would pay any attention, or throw her in the stocks as a scold.

How much money would one expect to find in a condom machine? Seems like a parking meter would be more profitable. How much did they spend blowing the thing up? Well besides the cost of one life.

well, round here, down near the college in fact, there is a hole store that sells nothing butt condoms

Sounds rather discriminatory. :smiley: