"Condom search" movies?

School Spirit–guy goes in search of a condom, gets killed, comes back as a pervy ghost.
Trojan War–Will Friedle spends most of the movie searching for a condom and–in a twist less believable than a horny ghost haunting a locker room–not noticing that Jennifer Love Hewett is super hot.
Any more entries for this mini-genre? (The condom search must be a major plot element, not just a passing moment. The quest for other forms of birth control is acceptable. You can mention that epidode of Seinfeld if you wish, but I just beat you to it.)

If Looks Could Kill - a surprisingly good little movie starring Richard Grieco. He goes in search of a condom then can’t open the container it’s in, saving his life.

Are you asking:

  • need condom NOW!


  • there was a condom, wasn’t there? I was drunk but I’m sure you … oh shit?

If its the latter then there was a perfectly cromulent recent scene of this in Sex Education on Netflix,

How major is major? Pirate Radio had a section of the movie about this.

Major as in is a significant driving force in shaping the plot/direction of the movie–if there was no “condom search” the movie would not happen. Imagine Luke Skywalker just going to Toshi Station for some power converters.

There’s Little Darlings where the girls go raid the guys’ bathroom at a gas station to get some. ETA: https://youtu.be/CT4INsC1bDc?t=77

Well, if there was no lack-of-condom-issue, the whole plot of Knocked Up would not have happened. Does that count?

I knew that technicality would come up…since there aren’t likely many examples that match strict rules, sure.

It’s been a while but I think the '97 Jamie Foxx movie Booty Call fits the bill

How can this possibly be a thing? You go to the store, buy a pack, and go to your partner. How could this be a quest? I guess Trojan War and Booty Call exist, but their plots must be incredibly contrived.

Well… it’s rather off topic but there is such a “quest” in Leisure Suit Larry (Sierra, 1987), the computer game. IIRC it works exactly the way you describe.

And to a lesser extent, one of the sub-plots in Grease.

And now, 30+ years later, I understand why my parents wouldn’t let me play that game.

The Summer of '42. Unfortunately, this is the only clip I could find - the actual scene is longer, and includes Herbie stalling for time by ordering an ice cream cone.

The condoms are used later in the movie, although not by Herbie.

Incredibly contrived doesn’t even begin to cover it. Although I do remember laughing my ass off when Vivica Fox wrapped Jamie Foxx head to toe in plastic wrap in an attempt to create an impromptu dental damn.

As noted by TV Tropes:

Here’s a little funny flick that is literally about the search for a condom, the “killer condom”, by investigator Luigi Mackeroni: “Killer Condom” (Kondom des Grauens).

It’s not a big plot point, but a throwaway gag in the big-screen remake of *Dragnet *with Dan Ackyroyd and Tom Hanks. Hanks wakes up after a wild night with his beautiful girlfriend, rummages around for a condom, finds none, and with a shrug turns to her sleeping form anyway, his intent all too clear.

Nitpick: Aykroyd

I haven’t actually seen Skin Deep (1989), but I am aware of this scene. Perhaps it is not the focal point of the flick, but it seems to be the most remembered one:

There was a Swedish movie about 30 years ago about a maladjusted kid who created a condom slingshot, the “Kondom Katapult.” I do not recall the title.

There was a porno called The Last Condom. I have not had occasion to watch it. I lived in DC when it was released and a local personality, Dennis Sobin (a pornographer and pimp, long since deceased), was in the cast. He might have produced it as well.