Condoms - do they hold your load?

The tips on condoms are tiny. As far as I know the tips are their to catch your load. My problem is that when I ejaculate the tip isnt large enough to hold everything. When I take the condom off there is cum(sorry for the word–couldn’t think of a more appropriate one) all over my penis. Can anyone tell me why the tip is so small

Probably Otto/Esprix would hold your load better.

CalifBoomer replied–“Probably Otto/Esprix would hold your load better.”
Is that a special type of condom??

No, they are posters on these boards.

You can leave extra room at the end of the condom, to catch your come. Its going to be kinda messy no matter what though…no getting around it.

I’ve tried that but I cant seem to get all the air out of the condom. Air in condoms can cause them to break and I’m not ready to be a DAD

If you think about it, there’s no way to keep the cum down in the tip of the condom anyway. It’s at the tip of your penis, which gets squished every time you thrust. The cum has nowhere to go except up the shaft of your penis, which is why it’s important to unroll the condom as far as it will go.

Now perhaps someone will invent the better condom (please!). One that has a trap for the cum, and that you can actually feel something through.

Oh, and another thing. The actual amount of cum produced is not all that much, perhaps a teaspoon or two. The likelihood that it would be so much that it got squished out the opening of the condom is slim.

My wife once asked her female gynecologist if it was safe to have multiple orgasms using the same condom (I used to be able to go 4 times in a row). After she got done saying “you are so lucky”, she said it was safe.

This is why you are supposed to pinch the reservoir tip as you unroll it.

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I know the feeling, the tip about explodes the first time, but by the 4th ejaculation (different condoms each time) the tip fills just about right. :slight_smile:

The design of the condom hasn’t changed for a long time in that area, so I would rightfully assume that it’s a correct design.

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Alphagene replied “This is why you are supposed to pinch the reservoir tip as you unroll it.”

I do pinch the tip of the condom. I’m not trying to brag but the condom is too tight to get all the air out if i put it on like Cooper had suggested

You can strecth a latex condom over your head, hows that for tight?

Not our fault if you have a small head :slight_smile: