Cones on the Loose - an orange MMP

Picture this - it’s Sunday morning. The day when you have a long lie-in and spend the day pottering about doing not much of anything, having a rest and generally enjoying yourself. But no, not I!

It’s 5am. What?! 5am. I’m in the car on my way round to collect a friend and we’re on our way to Warwickshire County Cricket ground at Edgbaston. She’s starting to panic because we need to be there by 6am to get ready and then register ourselves (and our funds) for the day’s excitement. By the time we reach the cricket ground, there are already a lot of people milling about, waiting to find out which one of the twenty buses they’re supposed to be on.

By 6am we have deposited our funds, registered, collected some papers and are on the hunt for the remaining two members of our team because now it’s time to get changed into the outfits we’ve been working on for the last couple of months. Yes, it’s true. We’re spending the day out in public, dressed as traffic cones.

Don’t worry, I haven’t completely lost my marbles, it’s really all in a good cause. Every year our local radio station, Heart FM, runs an event called “Run For Home” - the idea is simple, you take team of four people (this year there were 200 teams), drive them to a mystery location within a 100mile radius of Edgbaston and leave them there. OK, there’s a bit more to it than that, there’s a bit of radio presenting to start off, then we are given the starter’s password and sent off on a treasure hunt around the town. After that, we get on with the important part of the day - getting back to Edgbaston however we can, providing we don’t spend any money and we all travel together in our teams of four.

How difficult can that be? After all, if you were driving innocently through the picturesque town of Buxton , you’d be sure to pick these people and their two friend up, and take them out of town. Well, you would, wouldn’t you?

Before the day of the event, each team has to raise a minimum of £250 in order to take part so half the fun of things is the fundraising. We have done a variety of things - cake sales, pulling a narrowboat down the canal for paying passengers, treasure hunts, online auctions, bingo nights, board games nights, pig racing amongst others. On the day, you have to deposit the money with the organisers before the event starts so they know you’ve made the minimum qualifying amount.

The day itself went really well, it took us 7.5hrs to get back to Edgbaston from Buxton, via Lichfield. There’s a “checkpoint” that you need to go to because they’ll stamp the team summary sheet you take with you on the day. If you don’t make it to the checkpoint, you’ll incur a 2.5hr time penalty and of course that scuppers your chances of winning. There’s a prize for the first team home, and another for the top-scoring team although they may not be the first team to return. You get points for having the starting password written down, points are deducted for each incorrect or missing treasure hunt answer, there’s a time penalty for missing the checkpoint and another penalty for opening the envelope with your emergency £2 coin.

So how did we get back home? We hitched a lift out of Buxton with a group of quad bikers who took us to Ashbourne. After a brief stop at a local pub for a drink and the loo, we chatted to a couple who’d stopped there for lunch and who were so impressed with the event (and hopefully the outfits), they agreed to take us on to Lichfield. When we arrived there, we found about 30 other teams sitting around enjoying the late afternoon sun…and then we found our team-mate Gill’s boyfriend who’d turned up to see how we were getting on. He gave us a lift back to Edgbaston and left us just outside the cricket ground so we could walk back in ourselves.

It was a long, hot and fun day out and all for charity. All the money raised goes to Heart FM’s own “First Steps Appeal” which benefits local baby and toddler groups although about 80% of the money goes to Birmingham Children’s Hospital. This year they raised a total of £103,000 which isn’t bad for a bunch of oddly-dressed folks on a day out!

I’m First! Woo hooo!

Crap! missed it by that much… now to read the OP.

But seriously, wonderful MMP! It sounds like a really fun event for a worthwhile charity. The photos were a hoot. You deserve a collective “Woot!” from all of us! :smiley:

Sounds like a lot of fun, and for a good cause too! After seeing your costumes I have a strange craving for Candy Corn .
I did exactly as you described in the beginning of your post, stayed in bed till 10:30 then watched the Seafair Hydro races and Blue Angels. I did get most of the lawn mowed later in the day.


BooFae, there’s nothing better than dressing oddly for charitable purposes. :smiley:

What a nifty little idea. I think the idea would be met with much resistance on this side of the pond, but it’s good that someone can do something like that.

Sounds like a fun day with a good purpose, BooFae. Cool OP.

I previewed a post yesterday, but apparently never posted it. In order to speed up the confusion, I’ll provide it without further comment except that it was supposed to go right between rigs and palebunny on the last page:

Eww, MT, surprise cat hornk doesn’t sound like fun.

rigs, does he miss you or is he just helpless?

You beg quite skillfully, LOUNE.

You will be proud of me, swampy. I have two large packs of TP in the basement. Since I have but one bathroom, that should be sufficient even in case of catastrophe.

I’ve been quite virtuous today. Pretty much finished putting the spare bedroom back together again. Made a bit of room for additional stuff on the tippy-top shelf of the built-in bookcase.

Acquired some new shelving for the basement and a few more plastic boxes. I have some stuff upstairs that I really want to keep down there.

Taking a quick dinner break before resuming clean-up.

This is fun.


Obviously, I’m now going to have to re-read the end of last week’s MMP to see what that was all about. I can’t believe there was good begging and I missed it!

Shit, that makes two of us.

gt, let’s not let the mayhem that you created spill into this tidy little thread. Do you always have to cause ruckus in the MMP?

adjusts halo

Ah! The crab legs. It wasn’t so much of a beg as it was a “gimme the crab legs right now, asshole. I’m being cute over here”.

BooFae, if you value your life, don’t dress as a traffic cone in Virginia. People in the Original Colony view them as portable speedbumps.

Buuuuuuurrrrr-frickin’-uuuurrrrf. Another day where Og cannot make enough caffeine to satisfy my need. As always, Sunday night is tough for getting to sleep. I got paged to a fire at 6 PM that was a for real false alarm, An old lady with dementia had her daughter call it in.

Either FCMom couldn’t hog all the rain, or someone in Mayberry finally found a virgin, 'cuz it poured, and there was another fire late, caused by lightning, and a traffic accident with rollover. I mention this because the radio traffic was keeping me awake long into my normal ugly-sleep time.

About 3 AM, the radios picked up again, for another accident close to the VunderLair. One patient, with complaint of leg pain. I rolled over, trying hard to ignore it. Paged again; ignore. Paged once more, and I called the dispatcher to see if anyone else called in. Nope. :grumble, grumble: OK then, I’m close by, and I’ll meet the ambulance at the scene.

The dingbat dispatcher then tells the ambulance to pick me up at the corner where I live :dubious: It actually worked out since I had time to put in my contacts so I could see.

The driver was Steve the Barber from my class. Off we roared into the night… When we got to the scene, the patient was on the shoulder of the road, on her hands and knees. Uh oh, said I. From the dispatcher’s comments, we were expecting a nasty laceration or deep muscle hematoma, but the poor girl was in a lot of pain and could not stand. She crawled about 100 feet out of the field and through the underbrush to get to where she was.

The driver was on the way to work when she swerved to miss the ever-present deer, went off the road and through a large roadside ditch, landing in a soybean field. Not a ride I’d want to take…

Our best guess (since we can’t do a true diagnosis) was that she dislocated her hip, with secondary possibilities of broken hip or pelvis. Backboard, cervical collar, and the usual trauma treatment. Tied her legs together, using the good one as a splint for the bad. Loaded her up, and off to the horse pistol we went. The trip was uneventful otherwise.

Special booby prize for the Pixly Fire Department for parking their truck in the middle of our medical scene to pull a line to her car. :rolleyes:

I literally got home from that call to hear my alarm clock go off to get me ready for work. Pardon me if I don’t play much today ::clunk::

Hello everyone! Some real quick stuff before I leave for work …

Yes, I has a new job. It’s not bad, but not terribly exciting thus far. I’m entering orders and writing up quotes for bearings and stuff. Woohoo. I think maybe the woman who trained me (who is, of course, on vacation this week) didn’t do such a hot job, but I’ll figure it out as I go along. When I interviewed, I was told this would be a full time job. But when I showed up, I was informed that I would be temping for a month, because they weren’t certain of the volume of work they’d have for me. So, I may or may not keep the job. But until then, it’s money, and that’s what I need. And this place has free coffee, which is more than can be said for the last job.

My innards are still acting up a bit. I’ve been put on medication for irritable bowel syndrome, which helps some, if not a lot. I’m probably going to have to see yet more doctors for yet more tests, but I should probably pay off the bills from the first round of everything before racking more up. At the moment, I feel pretty good most of the time, so that’s something.

Hmm, what else? Oh, yesterday, Mom and Dad came up and took Roomie and myself to see Grease, which just reopened on Broadway. (Mom watched that reality show where they picked the new stars last year, and just couldn’t keep herself away.) They’re still in previews, so it’s clear the show isn’t quite complete, but it wasn’t bad. The director chose to switch things around a little, so some songs aren’t where I’m accustomed to them being, but it actually tells a more coherent story this way. I enjoyed it, even if it meant a day in New York.

And now, other stuff …

BooFae, that sounds like great fun. Alas, it probably wouldn’t do too well around here, but any charity event that includes a stop at the pub works for me.

Mika, the Ren Faire opened this weekend, but at the moment, Roomie and I are too poor to even think about going. We might be able to swing it in September, I’ll let you know if we scrape the cash together.

And now, off to my new job without internet access. Well, I have access, it’s just heavily monitored, and I’d like to keep working at least for the next month. :slight_smile:

You forgot to insert the modifying verb clause “obviously stolen” between “adjusts” and “halo”.

just popping in to subscribe - will (try to) catch up tonight

Lovely OP, BooFae! Those costumes are adorable. You look like the Witches of Orange. Or something. :slight_smile:

Off to Toronto later today. I tossed and turned all night last night because of general feelings of stress. Hopefully they’ll abate once I actually get there.

Drae, good luck with the new job!

Great OP BooFae! Sounds like a lot of fun was had by all.

Just relaxing and recovering from lunch now - chicken and sour cream enchiladas. Yum!

More later after we come home from grocery shopping.

Yes swampy, tp is definitely on the list - we have 4 bathrooms for 3 people, so tp is available in abundance!!!

Morning, all. Cool OP, BooFae – you guys have such fun and creative charitable events! Good on yer. Loved the pics!

I’m glad you finally got a job, even if it only lasts a little while, Drae. I’ve been wondering how you’ve been getting on – I hope it turns into full-time. There’s always something to be said for eating, right?

I don’t blame you for zzzzzzzz’ing today, BBBobbio. But I bet that poor lady who was hurt was grateful for you losing some sleep to take care of her.

Well, Lapin Blanc got up way early and left this morning. Waah! We all miss her already – Isaac is lying here looking SO sad, poor baby! He just doesn’t understand. :frowning: She also left a bunch of stuff behind that I thought she was taking, so I guess I’ll be making quite a few trips to the UPS Store in the next few weeks. But that’s okay, I’m a good Mama, right? But we’re still gonna miss her. :frowning:

BooFae good on you for doin’ such a worthwhile thing and havin’ fun with it too! Hee, like VenusProbe, the first thing I thought of was animated candy corn. :smiley:

Yes I am up and caffienated. I took some sinus meds at 10:30 last night and went to bed. That’s way early to go to bed for my now adjusted to second shift hours body but the meds make me sleepy. I slept til just after seven this mornin’, so I am well rested. However, I have a feelin’ it’s gonna be a real tough last couple of hours on my shift tonight cause I’ll probably be feelin’ sleepy. Maybe I’ll get to be around some really dangerous piece of equipment that’ll keep me on my toes. Well, that and maybe takin’ a couple extra caffiene laden sodas to drink at break times.

Well, since I’m up, guess I could do sump’n productive here in da cave like clean the bathrooms and kitchen. I’ve gotten into the habit of dividin’ up household chores into days. Like if I clean the bathrooms and kitchens today, tomorrow I can dust and vacuum the bedrooms, study, living and dining rooms. Course I could also dust and vacuum in the livin’ room today since the floor is lineolum like the kitchen and baths, meanin’ I could do all the floor moppin’ at one time. Hmmm… sounds like a plan. I’ll be back to report on progress later.

ETA: Hope you make it through the day BBBobbio.
Yay on the new job Drae! Here’s hopin’ it turns permanent if that’s what ya want.

That sounds like it was a hoot. Of course, I’m too shy to do anything nearly so…showy. Besides, same here - orange cones are targets around here.

Must. Be. Productive today…