Confederacy of Dunces: the movie

Evidently, Toole’s posthumous masterpiece CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES is to be a movie. I know it’s been bandied about like the only woman on a pirate ship since John Belushi was alive, but it’s actually on the now as a Soderbergh/Rudin/Barrymore production. (I remember reading that Stephen Fry had written a screenplay for it, but the imdb site doesn’t make mention of it.)

So who would be your dream cast and what would be your worst fears?

My dream cast:

Ignatius- Oliver Platt
Burma Jones- Chris Tucker
Mrs. Reilly- ?
Patrolman Mancuso- Joe Pesci
Darlene- Anna Nicole Smith
Lola- Nicole Kidman (l said “dream cast”)
Mr. Levy- Kelsey Grammer
Mrs. Levy- Bebe Sanson Harris
Miss Trixie-Anne Bancroft
Myrna- Winona Ryder
(gay guy-name eludes me)- Sean Hayes (though he’d never do it for fear of typecasting)
My worst fear is that they’ll either set it in modern times or that the actors will use the generic phony Southern accent instead of the N’awlins Bronx sound.

NO! No Chris Tucker! I can’t stand him. He sucks the humor out of any movie he’s in. How about Daryl Mitchell instead?
And Platt’s too small and too old for Ignatius.

This can’t have come up before …