Confederate patriot bombs Wal-Mart because it stopped selling Confederate flags

Marshall W. Leonard, of Tupelo, Mississippi, bombed a Tupelo Wal-Mart because they stopped selling Confederate flags.

He was kicked out of a pro-Confederacy organization because he showed up at a Tupelo City Council meeting draped in the Confederate flag, and the organization felt that his wearing the flag like that was a “desecration”.

I am not sure which is more pit-worthy, that he bombed the Wal-Mart or that wearing a Confederate flag is considered desecration by these crazies.

Well, wearing the US flag violates the US Flag Code, so, if there were a Confederate Flag Code, I’d imagine wearing the Confederate flag would violate that too.

So basically, the lesson to learn from this seems to be that the guy is a nut.

I find the image of him driving around with a big-ass flag running red lights is really hilarious.

Is there something in the air in the South? Are there increasing numbers of these crazy incidents, or are we simply hearing about them more? I can’t wrap my pea brain around someone bombing a store because it no longer sells a flag.

The legal system is as crazy as he, and as fucked up as he, if he gets life in prison. The bomb seems more of a squib.
Still, his nuttiest speech was: “…y’all are going down, along with Walmart, WTVA, Reeds department store, and all the rest of the anti-American crooks. I’m not kidding.”
Isn’t the essence of the Confederate Cause that it is wholly Anti-American ? I’m not even blaming them, and nor do I care about either side, but you don’t get to fight a large war against that you consider evil and then embrace that evil as one’s own rightful heritage.

Well, the breakaway nation was the Confederate States of America, and its constitution was a slightly-tweaked (and in some small cases, improved) version of the U.S. constitution, so it’s fair for a hardcore neo-Confederate to be pro-American, just not pro-USA, though I’m sure some of them manage to pull it off.

This is why I can’t visit or live in Mississippi-- I afraid of the white folk.

(I’m white. :eek:)

It may say that, but it is unconstitutional and unenforceable. See United States v. Eichman.

So not wearing a flag pin is really just devout dedication to the letter of the law. Glad I’m such a patriot in my everyday fashion choices.

What punishment would, say, a radical-Islamist extremist get if he threw a homemade explosive device into a Wal-Mart to express his hatred for America and Westerners in general?

Terrorist violence is terrorist violence, no matter how much our society tends to defuse or dismiss terrorist violence committed by non-Muslim white people as isolated instances of “nuts” or “crazies” that needn’t be taken seriously.
Now, if you’re trying to argue that even violent terrorists are entitled to basic civil liberties and should not be subjected to, e.g., indefinite detention without trial or interrogation under torture, or possibly even to automatic life sentences, then I’m with you all the way. But if we’re going to be tough on terrorism then we need to be evenhandedly tough on all types of terrorists.

There is no such thing.
Confederates are traitors.

He is to be applauded for defending the country from tyranny. Other Second Amendment advocates just talk about it; he acts.

It should be clear that the 2nd Amendment, intended to defend us from Obama’s military, provides for the full range of necessary weapons: grenades, bazookas, tanks, fighter planes, etc., not just guns. If his was not a military-grade bomb we have only the gun-grabbing Kenyan to blame.

God Bless America!

Another false flag operation. Thanks, old bomber!

**Confederate patriot bombs Wal-Mart because it stopped selling Confederate flags

**I hope Wal-mart snaps out of it, and starts selling confederate flags again to put an end to this foolishness!

Reed’s department store? They can’t afford to have a Macy’s down south?

Dude bombed a WalMart and you’re wondering why they can’t have nice things?..

You think Walmart has nice things?

To some, it’s not just a piece of cloth, it’s the symbol of their religion.

::Golf clap::

Yeah. They recently lowered their prices on whoooosh… :wink: