Confessions of an entertained Doper

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. I know that I’m supposed to be reverent about the high-minded purpose of the Straight Dope Message Board. I mean hey, they’re fighting ignorance and all. But I confess. I have a dark secret.

The truth about my frequent visits is that most of the time, I come here seeking (gasp) entertainment!

I chuckle at some pit rants. I smile at some MPSIMS posts. I’ve giggled at some IMHO topics. Heck, every once in a while I even find amusement in GD and GQ.

Sorry to disappoint the serious ignorance fighters. Flog me with a Maters thesis. I deserve it.

Yep, I learn sometimes. Learning is a good thing. But I can’t help but want to be entertained and most of the time, the good old SDMB doesn’t let me down.

Now…who will join me out of the closet? Who here has the guts to admit that they’d rather open a Wildest Bill post to be entertained than to open another Collunsbury thread about the scientific nuances of race?

More than anything alse it is fun!
Or I wouldnt be here!
You can get information through, for instance,, but the SD is Da Place!!!

both me and rino-the-soq

I believe you can be entertained and informed at the same time.
Well, not you, but most of us.

Dude, this place is a trip! :}


That line was meant to amuse you Krisp.
Guess you didn’t get it…:wink:
Hmmm, now maybe he learned something…heh

Mater’s thesis: “…you’ll poke your eye out!!”


:wink: Good one! :wink:

Oh, and Vanilla…you wanna get with me…don’t ya? :slight_smile:

Entertaining answer: yep
Informative answer: No!


I most definitely come to be entertained… My brain is too full for any more learning.

Life’s too short to be serious all the time!

Well, I have actually gotten some good info here (“What’s the deal with Jehovah’s Witnesses?” “How do you spell goyishe?”). But I mostly pop up here to make drive-by wisecracks and alert people of the latest esoteric obituaries . . .

I think you’d have a hard time finding a poster here that isn’t somewhat entertained by some aspect of the board. If it wasn’t fun for them, why would they be here reading it?

That being said, what brings me back to this board as opposed to the thousands of other MBs out there are posters of great intelligence with a wide range of expertise. You make fighting ignorance sound so boring, KO. I come here to learn stuff I didn’t know or to see answers to questions I’ve never ever considered asking. No one pays me to read this board, I don’t consider it work and it’s definitely not serious.

I’d take intelligent discussions on big topics like race over people complaining about cops any day. Mundane stories, wacky surveys, amusing personal experiences, and the inherent drama of internet communities can be found anywhere. As a result, I find them to be the least attention consuming portions of this fine MB pour moi.

But hey, Your Brain Capacity May Vary :smiley:

Well Alpha…the thing that prompted my OP was the thread here in the Pit where Collunsbury so rudely slammed WB, suggesting that WB’s presence wasn’t needed on this board. Collunsbury did this in response to my support of Bill. So I took the opportunity to let the self-righteous bag of wind to know that hey, it’s not like everyone LOVES his tired shit either…and it’s true…not everyone does.

What is it here with some of you and your fucking superior brain power?..and why are you so threatened by people with normal IQs and interests? Moreso, why the fuck do you have to be so rude about it?

If you want to make this board some kind of haven for the intellectually superior, why not require an IQ test prior to registration?

People like WB have just as much right to be here as Collunsbury…and some of us find those people interesting and entertaining.

Of course at my previous mention of “entertaining” I was slammed by you and PLD…I believe you said something like if I want entertaining then drink a V-8…or something like that…and PLD blasted me too.

So…I started this thread…but now it looks like you might be willing to concede that it’s reasonable to want to be entertained here. See…poor dumb fuckers like me CAN teach you smart fucks something every once in a while…

…now you may resume your regularly scheduled perusal of the umpteenth thread about the nuances of race…while you were reading this Colunsbury might have figured out a new way to repeat himself. Me?..I’m gonna go look and see what zany new shit WB got into today.

Krispy starts a Pit thread to tell us that we entertain him.


I’m glad you finally came to your senses and decided to wear your aluminum hat with the shiny side out.


Clairmont once said:

…just can’t shake that winning feeling 'eh?

I agreed with KO all the way until he started slamming Collounsbury.

Do you think it’s entertaining to keep repeating the same old tired race shit over and over? It wouldn’t happen if dumbfucks (as you have admitted to being) would actually learn something.

Hey, I’m a MPSIMS baby and I like to be entertained, but I respect and am amazed by the smart people on this board. Wildest Bill is an idiot. An entertaining one to be sure, but still an idiot.

Fighting ignorance and being entertaining are not mutually exclusive. If you act like an idiot be prepared to be called out. In an entertaining way, of course.

Originally posted by Biggirl

Well first thanks for the semi compliment. Second

Idiot - 1. A feeble minded person that needs custodial care.
I don’t think I need custodial care. But my wife does do my laundry though. I don’t know how and I don’t want to know how. Matter of fact, I have never done a load in my life. And you call me and idiot? :smiley:

idiot 2. - a silly or foolish person

Can’t argue with the first part. But I don’t think I am fool either. But I do think anybody that waste their time on a message board could be called an idiot especially hanging out in the MPSIMS forum.

Ok I admit it I shouldn’t have spinned my tires. But I had to pay a lawyer $750 and I still might have all those tickets hit my record raising my insurance through the roof. I thought I could get a little compassion or help from my fellow dopers but NOOOO I instead get flamed in BBQ pit. I mean didn’t any of your mothers ever teach y’all not to kick somebody when their down? Sheesh instead y’all do a marachi(sp) dance me. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed in the morning.


Thanks for the kind words dude and sorry you got flamed for sticking up for me. But when pl, ben, esprix and others in the pit get in kind of feeding frenzy like sharks and pirahanas they attack everybody. I think they were the smart kids in class that got picked on so I try to be understanding of their intellectual boredom.

Good point, Krispy. However, If I say something moronic, I’ll admit it. As your quote just proved.

You, on the other hand, are incapable of admitting that the sun rises in the east.

When I was lurking, I followed your your banning, your pathetic name changes ( Martyr7, CheifLaughitup, Adolph Hitler, and thankfully, I’ve forgotten the others), and thought you were more than a little fucked up. Still do.

But if there was a prize for most obnoxious poster, you win, hands down.

You’re just a digusting little troll that has somehow learned how to use a keyboard.