Conflict Management for High Schoolers

I interviewed for a social studies teaching position yesterday, today they called and told me I need to come in and teach a class tomorrow. Unfortunately the class is not on History, Geoegraphy or American Government. It’s on Conflict management. Are there any teachers out there that could suggest good websites or other resources for a lecture on conflict management for high school freshmen. I’d like to include an activity or two that would encourage class participation. Any help is appreaciated.

Here’s a few sites I found (searching for: “conflict management” “conflict resolution” “teens” “lesson plan”)…

{And if any of the pages has too much info to see the relevant part, just do a page search for ‘conflict’.}

Activites from PBS TeacherSource

Another PBS Ed. site

Conflict Resolution Info lesson plans from here.

Ed Helper
Individual Lessons and background info:


Conflict Diary

Guide from U.S. Dept. Justice Juvenile Deliquency Prevention
Links and Resources

Assoc. for Conflict Resolution

Appalachian Peace and Justice Network Resources for Educators

Prof. David’s Links


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