Conforming a negative to a video

I’ve edited film by cutting the medium with a razor blade and joining the ends. I’ve edited video (shot on video) by doing the same thing electronically. Due to cost, I want to edit film on video. No problem, since anything I shoot is going to be played on my TV. But suppose I want to conform my camera-original film to the video?

Film has SMPTE and human-readable time codes on it. I haven’t used SMPTE time code on video for a couple of reasons: First, I haven’t done much video editing. Second, what editing I’ve done hasn’t required it. But Final Cut does have SMPTE capability. Not being that experienced with it, I don’t know if it takes the time code from the original digital medium, or if it makes its own. (For that matter, I don’t know if the digital medium takes time code from the film.)

Anyway, assume I’ve shot some film. I’ve had it transfered to a digital medium and have imported it into a computer. I edit the ‘film’ and create a final product and write it to a DVD. If I take the DVD and the camera-original negatives to a processor, would they be able to conform the negative to the DVD?

I’m far from a FCP expert, but I’ve played with it. If I understand your question, what you are asking about is known as an Edit Decision List (EDL). FCP can output an EDL, which can then be used to “autoconform” a movie. I don’t know how effects are handled, though.

From beowulff’s link, it looks like the EDL comes from the original source.

So I found this page

And there’s a Wiki article on Keycode.

So that’s cool. I just need to make sure I have the database created during telecine.