Confused about top 9 facebook friends

I wanted to know which facebook friends view my page alot, I read they will show up in my top 9 friends if they do, but my top 9 friends while logged into my account are totally different then the top 9 friends when I look at my page from a family members account. Which is the “true” top 9 friends that view my page alot?

Anyone know?

Define top 9. Are you talking about how they show up in your list of friends? That display appears to be influenced by whether you select “Close Friends” or “Acquaintances”, if they are set up as related to you, activity on each other’s pages, and some randomness in the algorithm. If someone else is looking at your list, mutual friends influence the ordering.

It’s not clear to me that Facebook has ever said that the ordering indicates anything specific, or that the list was deterministic.

First of all, the top 9 when you look at them through your own account is the “true” top nine. As Telemark mentioned, when someone else views your list, they typically see mutual friends closer to the top.

However, this list of top nine is based on the top nine people with whom you have the most activity. If you like/comment on someone else’s posts a lot, or IM them a lot, or stuff like that, they show up closer to the top of your list. AFAIK, there is no (legal) way of telling who views your profile the most, only who you interact with the most.

This is the page I read that said your top 9 friends view your page alot. This is an article from 2015, is this still accurate?

If it was ever accurate (and I doubt that article is a particularly accurate summary of the algorithms at the time) Facebook is constantly changing algorithms. What algorithms they use vary from individual to individual and change over time for specific users.

My current block of 9 friends displayed on my profile page is mostly friends I’ve interacted with recently, plus two recently added friends, and one fairly random selection from my friends list. There’s nothing that could be explained by gathering private information - at least my friends box shows nothing that would support the idea that FB is using stalking data to suggest people. I don’t see anything to doubt the FB claim.

There’s no reason to believe that the FB algorithms aren’t constantly being tuned. I worked for a company that did recommendation software (suggesting items to buy based on your past purchases, suggesting TV/Movies based on what you watched). We constantly tried new data sets, new correlations, new sources connections and the algorithms were constantly being compared and measured. FB does that to a much greater extent than we ever did and they have tons more data.

So I think the article is generally accurate, but out-of-date. By visiting someone else’s page that you’re not already friends with, they would show up in your suggestions - that’s pretty easy to understand. You clearly know of them already and you are interested. But there’s no evidence presented that viewing a friend’s page without creating a public interaction has any influence on the ranking of the 9 friends in your friends box. Public interactions (liking, tagging, visiting the same physical locations, commenting) appear to be the main influencers.

I just don’t understand because the person who is #1 on my friends list I only liked a few photos from them a month ago and have not interacted with them since. Then someone who is #3 and I recently added, I have not liked or commented on anything on their page. Neither one of them is involved in any photo tagging with me.