Congrats for WHAT?

Okay, this is somewhat related to Cessandra’s thread on engagement congratulations, but I can’t find the thread right now, so…

I just got engaged. I also recently successfully auditioned for something (I just quit it, though… whatever). So I’m getting a lot of “Congrats” from family, friends, coworkers. The thing is, nobody says “Congrats on your engagement” or “Congrats on your tryout,” EVERYBODY just says “Congrats.” How do I know which one they’re referring to? Would it KILL them to be more specific?

And nobody reacts well when I answer “Congrats for what?” They think I’m being funny. AAARRRGGG.

Where are we going?
And why am I in this handbasket?

Just smile evilly and say: "I know, I just cant believe I got away with it! "

That should shut them up.

Oh BTW, congrats.

hee hee hee! I like it.

And thanks!

Where are we going?
And why am I in this handbasket?

I think they are congratulating you for the joyous occasion in your life. Much like having a child. It doesn’t take any special skill except having gone through puberty but, it is a very happy thing!

So lighten up a bit ok?
oh and Congrats!

I guess I need more coffee today! I misread the OP.

And thats a very funny story!

Again accept my apologies and Ill try to lighten up! :slight_smile: