Congratulations Kay Hagan

I am happy that you won.

I’m extremely happy with this result. I always had a degree of respect for Liddy Dole until that unbelievably stupid lying mindfuck of an advertisement. She should have retired after her tenure at the American Red Cross. Liddy deserved to lose this election for such a transparently horrible lie. With a little bit of luck, future candidates will hesitate airing such an obvious pile of shit defamation. Karl Rove was an evil bastard, but he knew exactly how to play his cards.

McCain and Steve Schmidt have shown that Rovian tactics without Karl’s guile will fuck your campaign. Steve Schmidt is a 2 bit no talent hustler Karl Rove wanabee and a playground bully who’s career is over.

I am hoping that Obama’s tenure will be an example of staying above dishonest attacks and attempting to address the issues. I can always hope.

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