Congratulations, ma'am, it's gonna be a book

Hope you folk don’t mind if I take this opportunity to share something I’m happy about right now. Instead of sitting here shivering my butt off in a NuZild winter complaining 'bout my lot in life – I’m shivering but with a warm glow inside.

I printed out the first true draft of the local history I’m writing, it’s a beautiful thing, and people around here are waxing lyrical. And more info’s on the way, so Baby’s going to just keep getting bigger. And it will get published later this year or early next. sigh Fulfilling dreams is wonderful.

I mentioned in another thread that part of my history is already published on this site in NuZild, but – hey, you just can’t beat paper to give you the real writer’s thrill.

Whoopee! [sub]Oops, sorry if that was too loud![/sub]

Congratulations, Ice Wolf!

You gonna share any excerpts of your work with us? :slight_smile:

DRY, thanks, but would you guys really be that interested in a local history 'bout some burgh at the end of the known world? Just 'cause I like it, doesn’t mean …

Oh, all right. A bit. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Ice Wolf, OK, so maybe what you’re writing isn’t going to be something most of us can relate to. How about telling us why you are writing the local history, where it’s going to be published, how you became the one given this responsibility, etc.

Oh, and congratulations again! :slight_smile: