Congratulations, Maatorc, on your century.

100 nonsensical posts, all in the same thread, without answering any of the simplest questions from other posters, and without interruption by any posts to any other threads.

Most trolls and most loons don’t get that far, and few have such single-minded determination, so congratulations on your century. :dubious:

He gets the Lekatt Medal of Perseverance. I’ll just pin it right there on his pineal gland.

Dude, you’re gonna pop the myth.


Allow me to sum up the first two pages:

maatorc: “The Grail myth is another example of how the pineal gland is responsible for all great literature and religious traditions”
maatorc: “Jesus, Osiris, Kaballah, the Grail, the underlying truth in all of them is the pineal gland!”
Others: “But the pineal gland wasn’t discovered until thousands of years after the story of Osiris”
maatorc: “The story of Osiris was subconsciously influenced by the pineal gland”
Others: “The underlying messages of these stories are all different. [Explanation of underlying stories follows]”
maatorc: “Those are, of course, not the real underlying messages”
Others: “Well, what are they, then?”
maatorc: “Pineal gland!”

Well, so *that’s *a pineal gland. A tiny speck of learning in a sea of nutty.

OK, so that’s my ray of sunshine for the day. But I did learn something.

Oh pineal gland. I thought he was talking about the pinhead gland… which would had made more sense, come to think of it.

Far too coherent.

You missed :-
Others: “Cite”
maatorc: “Read the book”
Others: “Just tell us”
maatorc “I cannot tell, only those who seek the truth will find it”

And the Sacred Marriage! Don’t forget the Sacred Marriage!

It’s fascinating to see the ways in which his mind works- or doesn’t work.

When the secret lovechild of Justhink and seethruart got religion.

If you take a picture of a pineal gland, open it in Photoshop, and zoom in really close, you see that it is made up of millions of tiny pineal glands. And each one of those is made up of millions of even tinier pineal glands. And each one of those is made up of millions of really, really tiny pineal glands.

And what, you ask, are those pineal glands made out of?

More pineal glands, I bet you’ll say, but you’re wrong: they’re made out of bacon.

Until then, though, it’s Gland City.

Doesn’t this thread count as a post party?

The only good thing to come out of the pineal gland (other than melatonin) is the awesome phrase ‘brain sand’.

Is it possible that maatorc and lekatt are related? Maybe they’re cousin/brothers.

I like him.

And Maatorc clocks out at 114 continous posts of drivel.

That’s the number of chapters in the Koran and also the number of logia in the Gospel of Thomas – clearly a sacred marriage that is the definitive proof of the unifying myth of occult anatomy.

Pineal gland!? The fool! The poor, mad fool!

THISis what happens when you mess around with the forbidden powers of the pineal gland!

Fie on you Pochacco! Tillengast’s basic research was sound. If only he’d received proper funding things would’ve worked out just fine.

Not to be a buzz-kill, Doc, but we outlawed ‘fie’ here on the boards.

[sup]Why, yes I am living vicariously through this thread since I bowed out of the other one.[/sup]

Wrong! It’s turtles, all the way down.

I’d pay good money to have a thread specially set up so he and lekatt could go at it[sup]*[/sup] without any interferance, at all.

*er, debating, that is.