Congratulations, Maatorc, on your century.

Aw, come’on, where’s your sense of adventure

“…and as it turns out, the light at the end of the tunnel is a giant glowing pineal gland.”

Well, the Leonardo tangent was a fun read. The rest, not so much.

I know this is the pit, but I got a lot out of that thread.

Aside from the insightful comments made by some, there were a number of (admittedly vain) attempts to make some sense of the flotsam and jetsam of a sinking mind.

Of course, maatorc admitted that the topic was maatorc, but I really appreciated the attempts to reinterpret the surreal brain leakage as something sensible.

Venkman: At least I didn’t try to drill a hole in my head.
Egon: That would’ve worked!

Oddly enough – depending on your definition of “oddly” – he appears to choose only the most skeptical boards to post in: the SDMB, JREF and The Skeptics Society appear to be the only places he goes with this particular screenname. Now I wonder why someone genuinely sharing what he believes to be worthwhile, nay vital, revelations about the one-only ‘inner school’ of myth-legend-etc. would restrict himself to three places in which he’d cause the most kafuffle?

It is a mystery.

Actually, I kinda love that thread and think I’ll use it for future pro-SDMB evangelism. It’s got everything that drew me to the Dope in the first place: intelligent discussion of history/religion; genuine curiosity; group research; sharing of obscure facts (not on his part, but those who looked up those books and quoted from 'em); controversy; silly humor; a trollish crackpot; debunking of said trollish crackpot; and mocking of said trollish crackpot.

We haven’t had such a noteworthy gangup on a fruitcake for some time. God bless free posting!

But you then sove the mystery in concluding that Maatorc is:

The question then is why is a tollish crackpot a trollish crackpot? Probably a chemical imbalance in the brain – perhaps a pineal gland problem. :eek:

The answer to ALL of youse anxieties as to the existence and proof of the anatomical myth-work is on page 170, paragraph 8, of one of G. I. Gurdjieff’s works.

Do not have the affrontery to ask me which one. Get off your butts and look around.

It is somewhat like identifying what the ‘grail’ actually is, which is similar to convincingly explaining to everyone’s satisfaction how exactly the Great Pyramid was built: The definitive answers to both questions are known but in these matters the search is much more important than the solution.

You yourself MUST undertake the quest. No pain - no gain.

Go to it. Stop acting and speaking like the pretentious ignorant self-righteous gits that you are.

I’m good with that.

Hey! Look what came out from under the bridge!

That’s “effrontery”, by the way.

I agree … it would have worked cite

~checks forum~

Fuck you, you ignorant, piece of shit troll. You know fuck all about what you’re pretending to talk about, you’re a poseur and a tool a liar and a fraud. You do you best to be an obnoxious piece of shit, pretending to be discussing something while all you do, continually, is bait and annoy people.

You’re not really so fucking stupid as to not realize that books have different editions, publishers and thus pagination. You stupid fuck, do you really think this new troll will work? That someone will go track down every single edition of every one of Gurdjieff’s books, and then track down each paragraph 8 on page 170 to see what you’re talking about? At what point, you shit-stupid troll, you’d refuse to confirm what you’re talking about, and would just avoid the issue with maximum snideness?

I’d also point you, you trolling asshole, that not only could you actually quote the paragraph yourself, but you didn’t even mention Gurdjieff in the entire thread, and it was intention who mentioned him and started the discussion on his work. You almost definitely never heard the name “Gurdjieff” and noticed other people talking about it, and figured it’d be a good subject to troll. In fact, when people who were actually interested in a debate, rather than trolling, began discussing Gurdjieff, you just added some more of your ignorant smacktard vomit.

You hypocritical piece of trash, not only are you a pretentious poseur asshole, you cover up your ignorance by acting like an obnoxious smarmy fuck. And you’re stupid enough to think you’re fooling anybody, at all?

Fuck yourself sideways with a porcupine, troll.

I think somebody need a hug.

Don’t sugar coat it; tell us how you really feel, man.

But they’re all this turtle.

I so saw that coming. :smiley:
… with my Third Eye!
Which I so won’t tell you about. Go read random graffiti on the subway until you figure it out. You’ll know it when you do.

And you too have a good day!

And, incidentally, you got it ALL wrong, but hell who doesn’t get it wrong here.

Now, if everyone here has got it wrong…

And you’re here…

That means, that …


Something about glands, or eyes, or myths…

Everyone but you, maatorc.

It’s pineal glands all the way down.

As you know, you and I are the only perfect people in the whole world, but sadly I am now worried about you.

In passing, “The People of the Secret” by Ernest Scott, abounds in information on Gurdjieff.