Congratulations, Maatorc, on your century.

For those reading this thread but not following along with the troll’s other thread: Earnest Scott is really Edward Campbell, a circus reporter and authority on the training of wild animals.

C’mon. Both of you forgot **Cervaise’s **masterful interjections:

maatorc: blah blah blah bluh bleih
Cervaise: blah blih bloh bleh bleh bluh!
Cervaise: ablaish ableish aloha!
maatorc: Oh! Yeah! Marry me!

(Numericizing mine)

  1. While I whole-heartedly agree with your sentiment, we really should reserve ‘stupid fuck’ for McCain - at least for the next few weeks anyway.
  2. It seems it already has. :wink:

There’s always that.


Actually, you raise a good point of troll-fighting etiquite.

Does the trolling succeed if people:
A) rebut the troll’s factual claims to prevent others from being deceived
B) rebut the troll’s factual claims simply becuase falsehoods piss them off
C) get pissed off at the troll
D) express that anger
E) become personally invested in the thread
F) attempt to convince/persuade the troll of a certain point of view
G) attempt to hold down an honest debate with the troll

I’d argue that A through D, as long as they’re not taken to extremes, are fairly healthy ways of dealing with a troll. Of course, the single best way is to simply DNFTT, but that’s often much easier said than done… it’s like a kid tonguing a loose tooth.


(Now that we are in the appropriate forum I can now re-engage you) No, it is not. The best way to understand how the Great Pyramid was built is to have someone *who knows *explain it to me. Does the person who wrote the text you are pimping for have first-hand experience? No, he was told. Do you have first hand experience? No, You were told. Yet you believe. So you just tell me so I can be hipped to it just as you were. This is not about the journey, this is about information.

Let me tell you a little tale that might relieve some of your aggravation. I don’t believe in God. Yet there exists this parable about atheists and foxholes.
I once found myself in a situation where I was certain without a doubt, I knew I was going to die in the next few moments. Certain! And in those few seconds I had left, I pondered life’s bigger questions. Did I pray ‘just in case’? Nope. Not even sort of.

This is all to say, I won’t be swayed no matter how much of your propaganda I read. The information you purport to know is either true or not true. It is NOT about some mystical journey. Having shovel loads of manure forced down my throat to muddy the waters will not change that. Just as the authors you suggest we read were in turn told of these “truths” (like the many before them that were told), so can you tell us of them. As I said, they are either true or they are not true.

Now I know what you are thinking… it’s time to fall back on the ol’ “I’m only stating the myth exists” meme. Too late, you are over-committed.

Let me point out your weakest moment yet:

This is desperation. It is you who is the pretentious ignorant self-righteous git. If you have truths, share them. Stop with the hocus pocus, mumbo jumbo.

Either say what you mean or admit that you have been taken in yourself.

Do you mean in the same way that Shake-Speare, the Shaker of the Spear, Pallas Athena - the protector of truth and justice, is really Lord Bacon well known for his humorous masques in the Elizabethan Court?

Speaking of an actual discussion… even though we’re in the Pit, I’d like to link to one of my posts in the trainwreck and one of my older OP’s, just in case folks want to have an actual discussion on this topic.

A quick gloss.
A bit deeper on my thoughts on language/perception/Reality. Sorry, all the links there worked when I wrote the OP, but some have since been removed from the 'net. Ah well.

I’d describe myself as a Jewish gnostic agnostic a-theist, and unlike the troll, I’d be happy to elaborate on my views and ~gasp!~ provide support for my claims. In a nutshell, for now, I’d posit that “illumination” or “enlightenment” are processes, and not destinations. There isn’t a destination you can get to and say that you’re finished. If you do that, you haven’t actually gotten anywhere. The processes themselves entail a continual, self-augmenting process whereby people strive towards ever increasing degrees of 'authentic perception and behavior, what Crowley might have called one’s True Will. And that, in short, working towards that goal is the Great Work.

Which is why it’s called the Great Work, and not the Great Goal. Because once you stop working at it, for any reason, you’ve (at least momentarily), failed.

I accept you have become angry because you cannot manipulate me, and that you have some personal problems you have just referred to, but these will not be solved demeaning others.

The Great Pyramid blocks are not stones, they are a form of concrete.

So’s your head.

Ah ZING! Wabba wabba WOO!

Of course. The head houses the Sacred Corpus Callosum, which is actually the Philospher’s Stone. Which, of course, is directly responsible for the Divine Gettin’ Down With Your Bad Self.


I thought everybody knew that.

This reminds me of the Far Side classic:

What we say: Bad boy, Chester! You shouldn’t have eaten the daisies, Chester. Now you won’t get any food.

What they hear: Blah blah Chester blah blah blah blah blah blah Chester blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Do tell. If you consider opening a thread about it, I’d really appreciate reading it.

You aren’t by chance a DMT freak are you?

Yes! You understand! They were made of solidified floppy limestone, back in the day when men were men, and dinosaurs and Egyptians roamed the Earth. It stands to reason, doesn’t it; there’s no way the Egyptians could’ve cut that amount of solid limestone with primitive copper tools, so it must’ve been floppy. After all, it’s made of fish, and fish are nothing if not wet, right?

This, incidentally, also explains the demise of the dinosaurs. The floppy limestone, being fishy and nutritious, provided excellent food for the various sauria; while the delapidated state of the Pyramids is typically blamed on stripping by men, the outer limestone was in fact nibbled off by peckish T-Rexes. Anyway, at some point in the barbaric pre-Christian past, the limestone dried out, rendering it completely inedible to anything with forearms less useful than Geoff Capes. And thus the dinosaurs died out, pining for a nice bit of cod roe.

Lest anyone think I’m making this up, by the way, this was all vouchsafed unto me by a mystic who posted on the BBC messageboards in support of Biblical creationism.


Congratulations to tomndeb for successfully moving the thread for someone else to babysit. Now with more swearing.

I don’t have the referenced book at home, but I grabbed a copy of “Kermit’s swamp years. The pop-up version” and looked for said page and paragraph. I am afraid that he is right and you owe him an apology, sir.

PS: Pop-up books over 100 pages weight too much for young readers.

Don’t be silly. Everyone knows Shake-Speare is really Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford.

Or maybe Christopher Marlowe, after he faked his death.

Or Anne Whateley, the woman the actor Shakepeare jilted because he had to marry the knocked-up Anne Hathaway.

Or William Campbell who won a McCartney look-alike contest in Canada.

Or… Wait a minute. I seem to have mixed up my ‘Who’s the real Shakespeare’ and ‘Who’s the real Paul McCartney’ files. Back in moment.

Paul is dead. Misseth him, misseth him.

Are you really so self-absorbed that you haven’t yet realized that the monadic reason for discussing Gurdjieff — so far as I am concerned — is demonstrating that your chitter-chatter is undermined by the very sources you claim as your own! Turd-gurgler!

If you wish to investigate Gurjieff further, look into his concept of the Hasnamuss… it’ll be like lookin’ in a mirror.

It is ridiculous that posters here understand what you’re blathering about better than you do. And you still won’t accept it!

nd_n8 laid out a concise delineation of your sacred marriage tripe and you continued to disgorge your vile, bowel-like psyche into that thread.

Calling you an attention whore belittles the contribution whores make to our world. You’re an ingrown hair on the prolapsed rectum of psuedo-academic-insidious-occult misinformation.

So long as it’s a sacred hug.

You need to adjust your lenses of reality. You are projecting a little too much.

Wow, how did I miss this? A poster who makes lekatt look sane and objective. I red through the other thread, and I can’t honestly say I know what he was talking about. It was the forum equivalent of watching Zardoz.

Hrm, this thread is more about telling maatorc that he’s stupid than discussing the topic. Should’ve realized that last night. Maye I’ll open a new GD thread…

It’d have to wait until later this evening though. Maybe tomorrow, depending on how lazy I am. I’ll chew on it a bit and see.