Congratulations Mark Reynolds: Struck out 200 Times This Year!

Arizona third baseman Mark Reynolds has achieved baseball immortality; he has now whiffed 201 times in the 2008 season, the first player to ever strike out 200+ times.

Only a sophomore major leaguer, Reynolds showed great promise last year, striking out 129 times in just 111 games.

Philadelphia’s Ryan Howard once again has struck out 199 times but, since Philly has cliched their division, will likely sit out tomorrow to avoid a pointless injury, thereby guaranteeing Reynolds will be history’s only 200-whiff batter. Oakland’s incomparable Jack Cust could still get to 200 with a golden sombrero tomorrow - he has 196 whiffs - but it seems unlikely he could match 201.

Congratulations, Mark!

Supposedly, major leaguers used to be embarrassed to strike out 100 times in a season and now we have three ballplayers who are around 200 strikeouts.

84 men have struck out 100 times so far, and a fw more can reach them.

I don’t think the shame of striking out is what it used to be because we’re in a period of high power and walks. Striking out more is an indication of a lack of skill, in one respect, but it’s also a byproduct of taking a lot of pitches. Jack Cust is a perfect example; basically, his whole game is waiting for the other pitcher to make that one mistake he can hit 450 feet. So despite striking out a preposterous amount, he’s a decent hitter.

Reynolds isn’t Barry Bonds or anything, but he’s not a bad player; he hits homers, get on base enough not to kill his team, and he’s not the worst third baseman around.

I’ve been following this all season, too. Never thought Reynolds had it in him to catch Howard, who looked for most of the season like he was going to blow by 200. He really choked in the second half, though, and slowed down just enough.

I’m glad Cust is getting a little attention, too. He had a really phenomenal true outcome season, and really is better than a decent hitter. I love that he exists.

Well, the Statistical Revolution has changed the way baseball looks at some stats.

There is absolutely NO way to make a strikeout a good thing- but in the end, a strikeout is just another out. It’s no worse than a cheap pop fly to center, and it’s often BETTER a routine grounder to short.

A guy who strikes out 150 times a season may well be much more valuable to his team than a guy who strikes out 50 times. Although 200 times… well, unless a guy is hitting 45 homers and 48 doubles in those other 400 at bats, it’s hard to come up with a silver lining for that.

OK, everyone kinows that I’m the biggest D-backs homer there is. Even still, I agree with the Arizona Republic’s comments about Reynolds. “If we’re looking for alternative energy, perhaps we can use Mark Reynolds as a source of wind energy.”