Congratulations Nova Scotia!!!

A fine win tonight, from out of nowhere, to end 43 years of futility! One for the Maritimes; who needs frozen windswept plains anyway? :wink:


He took 3 in the 10th? Pretty impressive. Congrats. Here’s hoping for some more gold coming home from the World’s. You know Colleen is bringing some back, so let’s hope for a double.

Could I be anymore non-specific??? Anyone else want to speak in some code?

Three in the 10th? Damn, I was hoping for an extra end. Was Ferbey worried?

Very unusual to see the leader not throwing skip stones, but obviously effective for them.

Good for Nova Scotia. Next year back to Manitoba where it belongs.

People in ice houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Three in the tenth and three in the seventh. Nedohin must be kicking himself right now.


I don’t know the game that well but I was watching, with my Mom.

YAY Nova Scotia!

(Is it odd as an Albertan I was cheering for NS?)

Who needs frozen windswept plains? Nova Scotia, it would seem, since it took a Saskatoon boy to win the Brier for them. :stuck_out_tongue:

According to this article, Nedohin is in fact kicking himself.

This whole thread is a really funny read if you don’t know it’s about curling. I mean:

“…it took a Saskatoon boy to win the Brier for them.”
“Three in the tenth and three in the seventh. Nedohin must be kicking himself right now.”
“Damn, I was hoping for an extra end. Was Ferbey worried? Very unusual to see the leader not throwing skip stones…”
“One for the Maritimes; who needs frozen windswept plains anyway?”

My first reaction was: “Huh?!?!? It’s not cricket, so what other strange sport could they be talking about? Badminton?” And then I read the linked article and finally found out what you wacky Canucks were talking about. To me, any sport that includes brooms can’t be all bad.

[sub]grumble mumble gripe moan whine grumble[/sub]

Congrats NS, you were the better team tonight.

Nedohin was horrible.

Just like to point out that it was a red-blooded American who started the thread! :wink:
'Course, the American in question spent the weekend a) working on perfecting strategies for playing a German board game about “settlers” in Nürnberg, b) reveling in the comprehensive demolishing City gave to United in the Manchester derby, c) wrestling with the Confederated States of America’s railroad for prestige in an alternative post-Civil War race to the West Coast, and d) watching an amazing comeback from four down by the Nova Scotians. Oh, yeah, almost forgot about that “March Madness” stuff… :wink:

For you Americans missing out on all this fun…

The winning team buys the first round. :wink:

That’s exactly what I thought about today’s Globe and Mail article:

“In the second, the skip missed on a hit-and-roll with his first one and a run-back on his second…”

“In the fourth, after making a tremendous angle-raise, double takeout with his first rock, Dacey wasn’t able to remove an Alberta stone with a hack weight hit on his second.”

“After Dacey gave up a single to the Alberta team in the eighth, it was Nedohin’s turn to miss as a jammed takeout with his first led the Nova Scotia team to grab three…”

It looks like English, and I know what all the words mean on their own, but this reads like nuclear chemistry to me. Nevertheless, it was a great game, and I’m glad our hometown guy (kidnapped against his will by nefarious Nova Scotian pirates, no doubt) came through.

I live close enough to the border that our cable system carries CBC and I enjoy curling. I saw a bit of the match and remember that 3 point seventh where the Alberta skip blew two shots to allow 3 points. Those were the worst I’ve seen since the Olympic fiasco. Curling’s a great sport and I find the strategy fascinating. Of course, the best thing about having access to CBC is their totally superior Olympic coverage. The second best thing is Don Cherry. The third best is curling.

Hey! how else do you think we get to funnel “Arctic cold-air masses” down to our southern neighbours?

Some of us like frozen windswept plains - we live here! They’re very zen-like.

emphasis added

[nitpick] The throwing order is usually “lead”, “second”, “third” and then “skip”. Although the skip usually throws the last two rocks in an end, this Alberta team has an uncommon arrangment where their skip (Ferby) handles strategy and calls the shots, but throws “third”. The last two rocks are thrown by Nedohin, but he isn’t the skip - I think they just call it “fourth”.

I think they call him the third, but he throws skip stones.

OK, I wasn’t aware that the fourth isn’t always the skip. Sorry. But at least this Yank watches a little curling! I’ve even been known to watch a little 5 pin bowling on CBC.

Anyone wanting to take up curling down in the States should take a look at the USCA web site. Playing at a state or national level is not unlikely as the number of people, while growing, is still reasonably small. Mind you I’m stalking from a Canadian perspective when it comes to numbers of people.

Speaking of which, Canadian national cricket captain Joe Harris resigned this week.

Now if that’s not an obscure factoid, I don’t know what is!