Congress to get rid of Over The Air Television?!

I don’t know if this belongs here, or in GQ. It is a question about TV as a medium itself. I would think that it belongs more in GQ, but I have had a similar question get moved over here before.

I saw the tail end of a commercial [PSA I guess is the more correct term] yesterday that on no like terms said that Over The Air tv could be eliminated. I searched and searched and just now found something that I think gets at the same issue. [I don’t remember but the last few seconds of the commercial, and this one here shares the last bit.]

Also Wiki has a piece on it under “Possible Elimination”

What is the SD here?

Are we really going to get rid of spectrum here, after we had how many people wait in line to get the 40 dollar voucher for a converter box?!

I recently moved, and I am not about to buy into my Apartment’s cable [Comcast] to say nothing of the fact that I can’t afford it. But, to my surprise, the 30 or so OTA channels that I do get, do a fairly decent job.

I even get channels that my parents don’t have on their DirecTV.

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