Congressional Aide Arrested

I know someone’s going to start a thread about this, so I might as well do it.

Aide to a Democrat arrested for soliciting child sex.

Senator Maria Cantwell has fired him. Looks like he was caught pretty red handed, too.


This is unfortunate. I’m certainly glad that he was fired.

And this is why I cringe when the Democratic superpartisans start the threads about how SO MANY Republicans have been caught in nasty little sexual scandals. We have them on our side, too, and the louder you crow, the more crow we have to eat when one of them surfaces.

It doesn’t help that this isn’t just a ho-hum oh-he’s-gay thing, or even a Foley-type 16- or 17-year-old ephebophilia, but a full-fledged 13-year-old pedophilia. And a sting, at that…

Doesn’t this thread belong in the Pit?

On the other hand, this wasn’t an elected person – it was a staffer. And he was fired as soon as Senator Cantwell’s office heard about it.

The usual reason for the pointing and laughing when the Republicans have these issues is because it’s actual elected officials who have spoken out against homosexuality who are caught in these scandals. This seems like almost a non-story (at least for national impact) since it doesn’t besmirch Cantwell at all.

I will admit though that I have no doubt that there’s some skeevy Democrats out there somewhere, waiting for their chance to hit the papers.

We semi-recently had a thread about a Republican assistant U.S. attorney who was similarly accused of childe sexual abuse. I don’t recall if I posted there, but my thought was that when a lower level government employee is caught for some sexual crime, it really shouldn’t be an issue, even if the employee is within a “political” function.

We really only should point and laugh (or get outraged, as the case may be) when politicians and those in policy-forming roles get caught for some sex-related or other morality-based crime in hypocritical opposition to their political positions.

So some congressional staffer gets tagged for attempted kiddie-diddling. Big deal. Unless he was somehow connected with sex crimes policy or enforcement, it’s not much different from any other similar arrest and not worth an excessive expenditure of newsprint or electrons.

Yeah, because the Republicans aren’t going to grasp for any equivalency they think they can gouge out of the situation…

Sure, but if I spend my life afraid to speak out against Republican misdeeds on the chance that they might one day take a lame shot back, I won’t get to comment on politics at all.

As the saying goes, “If this is the best they have…”

Nitpick: I believe it’s only ephebophilia if the victim is within that range, and the perpetrator is 2-3 years older. Anybody over 20/21 is pretty much incapable of being an ephebophile, simply by the numbers.

I think you’ve got that backwards. A seventeen year old dating a fifteen year old isn’t a ephebophile, he’s someone dating within his peer group. An ephebophile would be someone attracted to teenagers as opposed to his or her own peer group.

Ephebophilia is an attraction to adolescent/post-pubescent minors.

Pedophilia is an attraction to pre-pubescent minors.

IOW, there is no specific age that marks the difference; it’s all about the biological sexual development stage of the child. The adult’s age, or how much older he/she is than the child has nothing to do with it.

That one was worthy of note because it was a grotesque story (as I remember, he was nabbed in the airport with a stuffed toy intended for his victim) involving someone whose job it was to enforce the law. The fact of his being a Republican didn’t register much with me.

Come to think of it, though, maybe there’s something about being a Republican attorney. :smiley:

Politically irrelevant (unless it turns out that Cantwell, who is an elected official, knew about his proclivities), but despicable. If guilty, may he spend a long, long time in prison.

Here is the thread:

And…(checking)…I am not a hypocrite. Pass GO, collect $200, etc. etc. :slight_smile:

I believe in equal justice for all. I don’t care if the guy is a champion for everything I believe in, if he’s trying to hustle kids, he should be punished.

Wow; that wasn’t hard at all. It didn’t occur to me to think “Yeah, but the Republicans…”


That’s how it works. I have voiced my suspicions before, and I will reiterate it here: When the Democrats take over they will dominate on the scandal front because all eyes will be on them since they’ll be in charge.

Get set for Democrat scandals 24/7 after the 2008 elections. In that regard, I will give you my word right here and now: I will not start any “Gotcha” threads. I may participate in them from time to time, but I won’t be the instigator. As it is I rarely participate in these discussions anymore because they’re so tedious.

In general I agree, but I think it will take some time. The dominant party needs to get used to being dominant before they get complacent enough to get really dirty. From FDR to Gingrich the Dems were used to dominating Congress and had the scandals to prove it. From Gingrich to now the Pubs have usually had the upper hand and are now dealing with the attendant byproducts.