Federal prosecutor caught in kiddie-sex sting . . . OK, this is getting boring . . .

Story here.

And, in case you had any doubt, yes, he is a Republican.

OK, it’s got kids in it, so I give the dude some credit for pushing the envelope. But not by much. Otherwise, this is getting tedious. OK, we get it! You Pub pols are all a bunch of sanctimonious hypocritical pervs! There’s no need to hammer it home!

How the fuck does anyone fall for a sting like that?!? Are there really people out there trying to get strangers to come fuck their kindergarteners? :mad: :dubious:

Sadly, yes. There have been news stories in the past about mothers prostituting their very, very underage daughters. It happens.

You know, I was just yelled at by pretty much everyone because I was seen as trying to make a general crime seem political. I guess the point was lost on you.

In case it wasn’t, I will note that the ex-head of Virginia’s ACLU just picked up a 7 year sentence for child porn.

Now, does the ACLU support child porn? I don’t think so. Certainly the Republicans don’t, and they don’t support the crimes Atchison has been accused of either. So the conclusion is that there are some bad apples in every bushel.

Of course, if you don’t think that, then I will await your condemnation of the ACLU. :wink:

This was my thought exactly, and I never made it to the “he’s Republican” part. My jaw just dropped at the thought that

  1. He fell for it.
  2. which means it really happens, in the States no less, not some third world country
  3. "Atchison reassured the sheriff’s deputy who was posing as the child’s mother that he would not hurt the 5-year-old because he goes ‘slow and easy,’ and “I’ve done it plenty.’” ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew

In what thread?

I condemn the dude for shameless copycatting and lack of originality. :wink:

Atchison attempted suicide in his cell, BTW.

Yeah, I don’t even care about the “he’s Republican” thing in this case. Being a registered Republican (like this creep) and being a Republican elected official (like any of our recent rogues’ gallery) are two very different things.

Federal prosecutors aren’t politicians. Since, you know, they aren’t elected and their jobs are non-political.

Yeah, but nobody looks at the bright side. The child he thought he was going to have sex with was a girl. There’s nothin’ gay about Atchison.

Eh. Federal prosecutors are political appointees who serve at the pleasure of the Attorney General as head of the Department of Justice. They almost always lose their jobs when the presidential administration changes and the other party comes into power. So, no, they are not elected and, yes, the manner in which they do their job should be non-political (if they are doing it right), but it’s nevertheless not strictly correct to ignore the political aspect of the job because there is in fact a big honkin’ political aspect of the job. (Namely, if you’re not at least semi-prominent in support of the party, you ain’t gonna get the job.)

Which is not to say that liking child porn to a particular political philosophy isn’t horseshit; it is.

Stop it! smacks Bill

Ok, you made me laugh. Thanks. :slight_smile:

This is true. But the guy we’re talking about was an *Assistant * U.S. Attorney. They are hired, not appointed. http://www.usdoj.gov/usao/dc/Employment/AUSA/AUSA_Forms.html

This doesn’t change much. They’re not elected. Nor, as we’ve seen, are the people who make the hiring and firing decisions. But assistants don’t generally leave office when their bosses do. Their appointments aren’t supposed to be political.


I have no idea who hired this guy or even whether he was any good. So that’s all I’ll say.

You’re right, of course. That only underscores what complete BS it is to paint this as a political issue.


The sheriff’s deputy showed marvelous restraint by not killing him as soon as he said this.

I thought this place was supposed to be about fighting ignorance, not promoting it!


goddam it BrainGlutton the topic was rantable on it’s on (RO type) merits. There was abso-fucking-lutely no goddam reason to make it partisan.

There are scads and scads of legitimate partisan type gripes around (you have no problem locating lots), you don’t need to water down the message by doing this sort of underhanded bullshit.


thank you.

fucking typo the guys name why don’t ya? :smack:

That would have been hard. He was hundreds of miles away.

So she could’ve strapped on the Depends and started driving.

Yeah, good fucking luck with that. I swear some folks around here would burn Republicans at the stake if they were allowed to.