conjoined twins Abigail and Brittany Hensel have new TLC reality show.

I hope this is only a short run. So many reality show stars get their lives totally screwed up. I hope this is just a quick way to make money and then move back into private life. Please don’t turn into another Snooki or Situation. Or those Hills reality stars.

I was surprised how much older they look. Especially the one with her head sitting level on the shoulders. Her face has drastically changed since their TLC special at 16. The one with her head tilted looks basically the same.

I wonder if they are both getting degrees from college? It would be something if their areas were totally different. Like a math major and a English Lit major. Imagine one learning French and the other didn’t. :wink:

I could not watch that show. Ever.

I’m a fan and supporter, normal/regular/upstanding/private family ymmv…Guess I would check in, since they are sharing their unique lives with us.

They grew up in a tiny Minnesota farming community. The parents were smart keeping them out of the media spotlight. They only did the one documentary at age 16 and some magazine articles when they were 7 or 8.

Hopefully they got their heads on squarely their shoulder and won’t take this media stuff too far. I don’t want to see them borrowing Snooki’s platform shoes and outfits. Getting drunk and acting the fool. :wink: I think their strong Midwest values will prevent that.

I do wonder how they’ll cope with getting a job? That’s going to be so boring for the twin that isn’t interested. For example, if one likes economics and finance. Imagine getting dragged to that job **every day **if you loved 18th century literature.

Realistically they’ll have to take one job. They can’t alternate jobs every other day. That won’t work.

SNooki? really I doubt very much it will turn into a shore house featuring guidettes and a smoosh room

I thought they graduated from college. Not sure where I got that idea, though … maybe in the TLC preview I saw yesterday?

Anyways, I’m excited about them having a reality show. I’m fascinated by what it would be like to share a body, and when I watched the documentary of them at 16 it was a real pleasure. They were sociable and, well, kind of typical teenagers – maybe that wouldn’t stick in my head so much if it weren’t for that recent “news” article about the girl who had her ears pinned back because she got bullied. From my own childhood, I think if you get bullied, it’s not just because of a physical deformity but because of how you carry yourself and handle snide comments from other people. They seem very well-adjusted.

I don’t think fame necessarily has to turn them into a vapid clown. There have been past examples of people with physical deformities who have put a very positive message out to the public - Rose Siggins and Nick Vujacic are two who come to mind.

Yeah, I remember them being pretty typical teenagers during the last documentary. I don’t see them turning into famewhores. I think they just want to show people how they live their lives - there must be a lot of curiosity and misconceptions about them.

They’ve never lived any other way. I doubt they would want to be separated even if the potential complications weren’t life-threatening.

I know them, they live about ten miles away. Perfectly normal girls, used to see them alot swimming, volleyball. Haven’t seen them much since they graduated, just like all the other kids that grow up, and start living their own lives. Good kids, a little loud once in a while.
It’s a little disconcerting at first, brain can’t really parse it. Look like hanging on each others shoulders.
Funny thing is, I never knew they were famous until I saw a thread about them years ago on here.
They’re just the twins.

Oddly enough, I have no ambition to see their show. Maybe I should.

I heard a few years ago that one of them wanted to get married, and the other didn’t. That might work, until the subject of pregnancy comes up. They have to be in agreement about that.

I wonder if they’d get the same job, if they’d get two paychecks.

I heard that they had to take their driver’s license exam twice, one for each girl.

Well, two heads are better than one. LOL


Tonight is the first two episodes. So far it’s really a fun show. The girls live in a house with roommates that are also their friends.

That sounds like the worst ad ever for a very mediocre sitcom :smiley:

We’re planning to check that one out. Previews we’ve seen make them seem like very likable young women, and I admit to curiosity about how they manage in day-to-day life.

The girls seem really normal and well adjusted. Their parents were smart keeping them out of the media glare.

[SPOILER]Well, they both got degrees in teacher education. They interviewed tonight for a job teaching elementary school. One job and one salary. Smart choice. One can teach and the other can monitor the class. Any kids with spitballs will get caught very quickly. I can see them splitting up the teaching duties. It’s a good career for conjoined twins.

I wonder if they both will take the state Teacher Certification Examinations?[/SPOILER]

I’m happy they are making a living, but I always thought they would be exceptional event speakers. The topic would be “cooperation”. The two of them literally cannot get out of bed in the without cooperating with her sister. There are plenty of corporations that would pay them $100,000 to come in and deliver a talk about the vital importance of working together.

And HOLY CRAP! Did you see these roommates?? Jeez! Hot, hot, hot, hot… :smiley:

But back to the show, it was incredible to see them play softball in HS, drive a GMC Suburban, and dance on their 22nd B-Day. How two brains can coordinate the arm and body movement is beyond my understanding. Even watching them hoist each cake with the arm they can control above their heads is incredible.

I definitely see them as just mirror twins. I was friends with a pair back east. They were brothers but separate demeanors and personalities just like A & B, and they still finished each others sentences just like A & B do. They are both really smart and personable people.

I suppose the real miracle is they have two individual spinal cords, perhaps making their conjoined movement so coordinated. What else is amazing is they are not physically handicapped AT ALL. If they went with separation, and it kept both girls alive, they’d each have one arm, one leg, most likely. Meaning no driver’s licenses, not softball, no dancing at a party.

What’s really impossible in this whole story is trying to understand being a conjoined twin. Unless you are one-- even if you’re related to conjoined twins-- you can’t start to understand it.

As a matter of fact, after watching the preview and the first two episodes of this show, I find looking at everyone with only one head sort of odd! :slight_smile:

I imagine they could use a surrogate for a pregnancy if one of them wants kids and the other doesn’t want to be pregnant. The logistics of dating and having a long term relationship in this situation would be tough though. It’s hard enough to have a good relationship between two people, let alone three people.

Sounds like they were very fortunate to be raised by caring and level-headed parents who helped them learn to cope with their situation in a healthy way. It also sounds like they’re very fortunate that the manner in which they’re conjoined allows them to have a pretty normal life. Even though Lori and George (formerly Lori and Dori) have found ways to adapt, the nature of their situation surely made it more difficult to find ways to go about life.

Um Yeah, I hope you really didn’t think we were going to let this one slip under the radar. :slight_smile:

Ahhhhhh, how can I put this. Given my understanding of their physiology wouldn’t they have to be ‘in agreement’ a whole lot sooner than pregnancy?!