conjugal visits?

In this thread, zebra posted the following:

I am skeptical of a connection between allowing conjugal visits and lessening repeat offenders. Is there some justification for this being causation, or is this just a correlation effect?

If we’re talking male prisoners, I can see conjugal visits calming them down. :slight_smile:

As for whether they would also serve to reduce repeat offenses, I suppose a calmer prison population might spend more time comtemplating their mistakes and bettering themselves, rather than being pent up, focusing on getting out of jail, getting angrier by the day.

'Course it’s just my WAG.

I thought we did provide conjugal visits. however I am of the opinion that someone is a criminal not some depraved lunatic just because they broke into a house, stole a VCR and got caught. I mean Jesus Christ, why should this mean that they shouldn’t get ANY amenities at all for the next year and a half?