One of the perks of a really slow connection is the ability to watch the ‘connect to’ and ‘transferring data from’ messages.

If I were a Facebook user, I might expect it to follow me around.

Since I have never even LOOKED at Facebook, why do I get a message about
CONNECT.FACEBOOK.COM while waiting for the SD home page to load?

‘Social Media’ is getting downright scary (it passed ‘creepy’ a decade ago).

Facebook isn’t stalking you. Those Facebook accesses are initiated by the SD home page.

These days, social media stuff is everywhere. The SD home page, like many pages on the internet, will display buttons for various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This is for the convenience of Facebook and Twitter users, so that they can share the SD home page with their friends with one simple click, and this helps to potentially spread the SD to new users, so it’s a good thing for the Dope.

If you click on the Facebook Like button and you’re not logged in, Facebook will ask you to log in. If you aren’t logged in because you’ve never had an account there, then the Like button obviously isn’t going to do anything useful unless you do create an account there.

There’s nothing scary about it. Most web sites these days recognize the importance of social media, and intentionally place social media buttons on their pages.

At least the Dope hasn’t taken to actually begging you to like it popup, which is the one way you can guarantee I’ll never do so.

I still don’t get why the ire against the older kinds of popups hasn’t come back with these newer ones. There are “anti-annoyance” lists, but none are updated anywhere near the level of adblock.

[tinfoil hat more]
I tend to surf the web with a minimum of - adblock, noscript, and ghostery. Facebook gets the addition of FB Purity to make it tolerable.

Some of this is because I loath ads and pop ups, some because I deeply dislike the tracking that occurs, and a lot because malware and exploits can reside almost anywhere, and are not getting any better.
[/tinfoil hat mode]

The Web gets really quite creepy at times.

I was looking for socks on Amazon a couple of weeks ago. Suddenly ads for socks popped up on every site I was visiting. And not just any socks: the same brand I was looking at. Slightly disconcerting.

I suggest you don’t do any porn searches then. :wink:

Tracking cookies.

If you’re still looking for socks, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Well, there’s none for sale here, anyway.


What, you mean post on the dope? Yeah, as soon as the dope starts begging me popup is the day I’ll never do so.