Connecting a PC to a printer via Apple AirPort

I got out the old printer today, and plugged it into the Apple AirPort Extreme via the USB port. I went to System Preferences and installed it immediately.

Roomie connects to the Internet on his PC laptop via the AirPort. He is able to connect to the Internet with no problem. But he was unable to connect to the printer. What does he need to do to connect his PC to the printer via the AirPort?

Here are the typical steps needed to get a PC (running Windows XP) to recognize the network printer.

If he’s using an older OS, it may be necessary to run the printer’s “Setup CD” on the laptop in order to provide the correct drivers (I’ve needed to do this before with Windows 2000).

Apparently when he browses for the printer (Step 3 on the link) the printer does not appear on the list.

So the question is: Why doesn’t his laptop ‘see’ the printer? (He’s using WinXP, BTW.)

What are the brand and model number of the printer?

At this point, I’d suggest that your roommate create an XP System Restore point, then find a copy of the printer’s “Install CD” (or search for and download an equivalent), and run it. At some point in the installation, the wizard will ask for (or look for) the port to which the printer is attached, and with any luck he’ll be able to point it at the network printer.

The other thing he could try is to attach the printer directly to the laptop via USB, and go through the regular installation process, so that at least you know that the printer can be supported in XP. Once it’s working as a local printer, move the printer back to the AirPort and go through the steps from the link in post #2 above.

Apparently he has a problem with his USB port. He can ‘see’ things plugged into it, but can’t send data through it. I told him your suggestion though.