Connie's First Period

I read in TV Guide that, on “King of the Hill,” Connie (who is staying with the Hills) will get her first period. Hank will be the only other person home at the time, and neither will know what to do.

3 questions:

  1. KOTH has never been vulgar, so I’m wondering how they can pull off a seemingly touchy subject tactfully.

  2. If you were in Hank’s shoes, what would you do?

  3. If you were in Connie’s shoes, what would you do?

I’ve never watched the show, so I have no idea… but I would hope that any girl of period-age would already know about it and what to expect and what to do. I got mine when I was 11, and I knew exactly what it was and had a sample package of pads already in my underwear drawer waiting for the occassion.

Then my mom made me ride my bike to the grocery store to buy a whole box of them, which I thought was pretty sad… but oh well.

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Ride your bike? What? Everyone knows you’re meant to be pulled along on roller skates by your dogs! Sheesh!

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Parents, please learn from this. Please tell your daughters as soon as you notice this has to be soon.

I was teaching fourth grade, and in retrospect Maria had definately started to devolop over the year, but it’s hard to notice when you see them five days a week.

All of sudden at lunch she’s in a commotion and another girl tells me she’s been punched in the stomach. I go to the office and look like a fool when I don’t get the secretary’s little references to what’s happened. I finally bailed myself out by telling them I only knew what the kids had told me, but why did this girl have to be told the facts by a teacher?

Irresponsible parents.

Wow… I thought you were talking about Contestant #3!

I was like, so THAT’S his excuse! :slight_smile:

Yer pal,

Satan me too…figured he pissed someone off again.

In this day, I find it hard to believe there are girls out there who don’t know what’s up with getting your period. Especially with TV like it is.
And the grown up involved won’t know what to do, either? My husband isn’t involved in my intimate feminine hygene, but in a pinch he would certainly know to not make a big deal and go get a pack of pads for Gods sake.

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I was thinking punctuation. I was expecting to see responses like, “bj(zero)rn’s first apostrophe.”

Sorry for the the diversion.

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In the school I work in, the kids seem to know so much more more about everything than we did at that age. Some of the words they use are pretty hilarious… im quite often asked for a “plug” and the first time that happened I had to show my ignorance and ask what it was. We have had a couple of girls tho who had absolutely no idea what was happening to them and were almost hysterical. Parents really need to make sure their kids know whats going on with their bodies… Puberty is stressful enough for them.

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Ah yes, that chronic constipation episode was the height of refinement.

You know, TV and movies talk a lot about sex, but IMHO they don’t really tell you anything. After all, the Kotex and Tampax ads on TV don’t tell you, explicitly, what the products are for. And menstuation is not usually mentioned on prime time shows.

I remember being told a lot of incomprehensible nonsense about sex by my friends. I don’t know where they got it, but it was so bizarre that I immediately dismissed all of it as unimaginably insane. Some of it finally made sense when my mother gave me “the talk”, although she was so uncomfortable with it that it didn’t all get through. I finally got a book that explained things, but it would have been better (in retrospect) if my parents could have explained it all along, instead of saving it up for “the talk”.

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Sorry y’all, I thought this thread was about C#3 too. I’ll just be on my way now…

But before I do, I’d just deal with the situation if I had a daughter. I don’t think there’s any reason to be embarrassed about a natural bodily function (if you’re a woman that is. If you’re male and you’re menstruating, then you got problems).

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I don’t watch King of the Hill very much, but it was my impression that Connie was supposed to be a mid-teens example of airheaded, slutty trailer-trash. She’s certainly drawn like she’s well along on the road to physical maturation. I find it hard to believe she hasn’t started menstruating yet.

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Ok, two things. Connie is Bobby’s girlfriend. Luann is the trailertrash that lives with the Hills, and she’s supposed to be college age. I don’t know of many girls that are of college age that haven’t had their periods. Hank is always frightened by things of a sexual nature having to do with women, so comic capers will ensue. BTW, for all of ya’ll from the South, Luann’s last name is Platter, making her Luann Platter.

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Oh, an aside: I am from the town that Arlen is modeled after (Humble, a suburb of Houston). Apparently Judge lived there a long time ago. Beavis and Butthead are from Highlands (another suburb), which is near Humble.

“There are many sweeping generalizations that are always true” -Space Ghost

I’ve got to agree with CatInHat. I remember reading ads in some magazine when I was about 8 for … I dunno, some FHP, probably Massengill. It was a comparison of using their product vs. the “traditional douching method”, and listed the steps involved in each… in a way that didn’t really explain them much.

I specifically remember seeing a phrase very similar to “set up the complicated douching equipment” and thinking “Hey, cool… I wonder if we have any of that, and if I can borrow it to use with my chemistry set?” I thought it was some kind of laboratory setup (maybe a still, with one of those fancy glass condensers); it was a reasonable conclusion based on what was in the ad if you didn’t already KNOW what they were talking about.

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Thanks for the clarification. As I said, I don’t watch the show much. It’s damn good, but I just never get the chance.

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When I was little, and had four sisters, I thought that tampons and maxi pads were meant for girls who wet their pants. The commercials did nothing to stop me from thinking this way. Then one day I saw a maxi pad in the waste basket next to the toilet covered in blood. I took it out and gave it to my mom (it was actually hers) and told her that one of my sisters was bleeding to death from her privates. I had actually red the instructions for use so I knew where they were supposed to be placed.

She just laughed and I did not know why for years what they were really for.


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Not to get off topic, but, since when is Humble a suburb of Houston? I didn’t think it was that close.