"King of the Hill" Question

I haven’t followed this show lately because of my work schedule, but I just caught a re-run where Peggy Hill appears to die from a skydiving accident. It looked like a season finale cliffhanger, like the explosion at the Mega-Lo-Mart, but I don’t remember ever seeing an explanation of what happened. Is this there a follow up episode to this yet?

There was an episode that finishes the story - she ends up with a broken back and Cotton Hill helps her through her rehab.

Peggy survives the landing, but has several broken bones. She gets very depressed the rehabilitation and in the end, Cotton inspires her to work harder to get herself back in shape.


Sorry, forgot to put [SPOILER] on the OP.


KOTH is a such a terrific show. Detailed animation, impeccable plot continuity, and subtle jokes make it an interesting experience every week.

Great voices, too. In fact, I didn’t find out until recently that the voices of Bill Dauterive and Buck Strickland are both done by Stephen Root, who played Milton in Office Space and Jimmy James on Newsradio.

And, of course, there’s Brittany Murphy, the voice of Luanne, who seems to be quite the rising movie star these days. She looked downright anorexic on SNL a few weeks back, though…

Phil Hendrie is also a regular voice talent.

Really? Which voices does he do? It would be cool if they worked in Hendrie characters. I wish they’d have Jay Santos from the Citizen’s Auxilliary Police on the show…I’d like to see him and Dale meet :slight_smile:

Well, of course. She’s a TV star. Everyone knows that in order to be “good-looking” enough for TV you have to be emaciated. Heaven forbid an actress should be allowed to be a normal, healthy weight. :rolleyes:

He voices a lot of minor characters, but none of the main characters. In the last episode, though, for instance, he was the voice of the angry guy who died.

And Hendrie was also the hard-ass football coach that drove Bobby away from football and to the soccer team (“Tie game! Everyone’s a winner!”).

boomhauer…sexiest cartoon character ever… but only because he looks like james marsters.

I’ve been wanting to do a KOTH quotes thread for ages, but I’ve held back. So guess what? I am going to dump my favorites here. Mu ha ha ha!

“Lord, no! You’ll fill up on free stuff!”

“Aw, Hank Hill! Why you call now? Kan just got on the podium.”

“Look at you, up on your perch so high! All around you, they are laughing and splashing, but not you–because you look too fantastic!”

Boomhauer has got to be the most intelligent of the bunch. It always seems to be the guy who trouble speaking.

I love the way Cotton ‘inspires’ Peggy to walk again.

“My dad says butane is a bastard gas.”

I told her I wanted to make love to her badly. She said I would have to do better than that.

“It is very important to always know your name. Here’s a little trick I use to remember mine: I think of a man named Lu, and a woman named Anne. They meet in a kingdom in a forest - okay, maybe that’s too complicated.”

“It’s got hair!” - Bobby Hill at his uncle’s birth, when he finally peeks when the doctor says the head is crowning.

Any of Hank Hill’s many refereces to “Texas Propane Commissioner Murray Hogart” send me into fits of giggles.

I also like their references to products and businesses that tend to only be located in the South (e.g. BC Powder, Whattaburger). It seems like one of the only shows on TV in which you can really tell that the writers spent more than 10 minutes outside of New York or Los Angeles.

Or maybe… the Luanne Platter at Luby’s Cafeteria? :wink:

If I was trapped in a hospital room with Cotton Hill, I’d get out if I had to drag myself home with my LIPS…