"King of the Hill" Question

Boomhauer is the fount of all wisdom: “Yeah man, I tell ya what, man. That dang ol’ Internet, man. You just go on there and point and click. Talk about W-W-dot-W-com. An’ lotsa nekkid chicks on there, man. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. It’s real easy, man.”

I’m a Gribble man myself.

Bail Bondsman: “Why should I give you an assignment? You’re only here cus you took a 4 hour class and have a stupid hat.”
Dale: “I see you are familiar with my credentials.”

Peggy: “Dale, would you like an energy bar?”
Dale (cracks open a beer): “No thanks, I’m going the other way.”
I almost spewed beverage when I saw him waxing the turtle on the last episode. Don’t start me quoting Jimmy Wichart.

“Earth First! Make Mars our bitch!”

That Dale. What a hoot.

Bill: “Please don’t play Dido, Please don’t play Dido!”

Man, that show seems to get funnier each year. Bobby is one of my favourite characters of all time.

I liked Boomhauer helping Bobby recover from Bill’s romance advice.
“I tell you what, Bobby, I got her dang 'ol number.”
“But you just got turned down by 27 women!”

BTW, is there a real show that the Espanol Pistol-Packin’ Priest show is based on? And what’s the phrase he always says?

“So, is this show pretty accurate?”

That’s Monsignor Martinez. “Vaya con Dios”

Has Chuck Magione made the most guest appearances on the show? It seems like it.

“Take it from me, Chuck Mangione. Unplugging your iron ‘feels so good!’”

And from the most recent episode:

Chick Mangione? I’m not a chick, I’m a man! (hits teacher with a trumpet)”

I watch the show quite regurarly myself. Hank kindof freaks me out cause he looks exactyl like my perverted ass grabbin grandmother’s boyfriend. I meet the man and instead of shaking my hand he grabs my butt. So to say the least, each time I look at Hank I think of the ass grabber. His wife annoys the shit out of me as she never seems to think she is wrong. And as for the broken bones she endured, serves her right I say! It gives Hank a chance to sit down and watch some tv or go on his usual rant about how he sells “propane and propane accessories”. Which we all know is a very important thing to let people know about … not.

Bobby, hmm I have had several debates with my partner, were still trying to decide if the boy is a gay man trapped in a child’s body or if he really thinks the way he acts is normal. Don’t get me wrong , I have no problem with gay people, just with bobby hill…

Dale never cleans his shirts, I can’t understand a bloody thing Boomhaur <sp> says (which evidently IS what makes him charming) Dale, well Dale is just Dale …

I have probably forgotten a few of them or just feel no need to pick on them at the current moment. Despite everything I havesaid I love the show… dysfunction makes the world go round!

Those of us living in Austin occasionally get to see a tribute to our city on KOTH, just as we did on “Beavis and Butthead.” Even though Hank Hill isn’t supposed to be an Austinite, Mike Judge is, and recognizable Austin landmarks pop up in his cartoons on a regular basis.

My dad is Hank Hill, but with a better education. Seriously! I crack up so much when I watch this show. KOTH is on the money about a lot of things. Sure, the characters are stereotypes, but I can recognize bits and pieces of people I know in Hank, Peggy, Bill, Dale, Boomhauer, Luanne, and even Cotton. Bobby’s a little tougher. My mom was born and raised in (and is about to move back to) a town just like Arlen. There are so many little details in KOTH that just ring so true to Texas. Mike Judge is amazingly perceptive. Makes me wonder, though, if viewers who aren’t very familiar with Texas or the south, are missing some of the best aspects of the show. I wish I could think of a specific example right now, but you know how that works. (must take notes on next KOTH…)

This is a show I can take or leave, but I did bust a gut laughing at the episode where Hank is pushing Connie into being a bluegrass fiddler. The part where Hank et al are practicing in the garage and Boomhauer goes from his usual babbling right into a perfectly understandable version of “Blue Moon of Kentucky” had me on the floor.

Hmmm … that gets me to wondering. …

One of the points they make on the show is that Boomhauer is really good with the ladies. He can get any woman in bed with him just by looking at her funny.

I wonder … if Boomhauer’s character were portrayed as a total loser in the romance department, would the viewing audience still find him as sexy? Or is part of his “sexiness” due to the fact that female characters on the show find him desirable?

I remember one episode where we saw Boomhauer’s POV, and everybody else talked all incromprihensible, man, like that Boomhauer does, normalwise.

The supporting cast is what really makes the show work. I could take or leave Hank, Peggy, Bobby and LuAnn but I just love Dale & Nancy, John Redcorn, Joseph, Khan & Ming, Connie, Boomhauer, Bill and everybody else.

(Actually, I really really really cannot stand Peggy Hill and would gladly back over her with a truck if she were real or I were animated.)

Back when I got conned into buying into one of those “pure trust” tax scams (c.f. http://www.netcom.com/~rogermw/nts.html if you care), the conmen assigned me a “trust counselor” who reminded me way too much of Dale.

I particularly liked this counselor’s conspiracy theory about IRS agents: “Hidden in their employment contract is a clause wherein they unknowingly rescind their American citizenship and become agents of INTERPOL.” And he believed it!

“That’s my purse! I don’t know you!”

Best. Show. Ever. I hope we see more of Hank’s Japanese half-brother, Tonihiro, or however it would be spelled. I loved that one.

Dale is so dumb! He thinks he’s so smart, and he keeps seeing all these conspiracies, but he doesn’t even realize that his wife and John Redcorn were fooling around behind his back and that Joseph is John Redcorn’s son.

I like the one where Dale’s dad is gay, and Nancy asks him why he doesn’t have a problem with that. Dale’s answer:

“Why should I? John Redcorn’s gay and I’ve been friends with him for years.”

Or the one where Hank becomes a pimp-though not on purpose!

“I am the Mack Daddy of Heimlich County, yo.”
Let’s see,
“The only mistress I have is sweet Lady Propane. Peggy and I have an understanding about that.”

“Hi Hank. Hi Hank’s wife.”

The details definitely make the show. E.g., the dog named “Lady Bird,” Bobby’s attending Tom Landry Middle School.*

[sub]* In case some are unaware: Lady Bird Johnson was the wife of President Lyndon Johnson (of Texas), and Tom Landry was the legendary coach of the Dallas Cowboys for years and years.[/sub]

I love how Hank calls for her, “Laaaaaaady Bird!”


I always thought it was supposed to be the suburbs of Dallas. Mike Judge worked and lived in the Dallas area, and Office Space was set there. The old Beavis and Butthead episodes also had frequent parodies of two local lawyers (he combined their names).

“Laaaaady Bird!”